New Season, New Perfume

During the changing seasons a swap around in the fragrance department is usually in order. My collection of perfumes don’t actually qualify as taking up a whole department – my picks fit nicely into a medium sized mirrored tray, mine is from Oliver Bonas (although there are loads out there) and I find that it helps my small collection look dreamy and magical (when I dust it at least). Autumn is here and Winter is approaching fast, both of which call for something cosy and warming with a little bit of spice thrown in (well, that’s how I like it), and there was something about this scent that kept me coming back to spritz it on my wrist – some days I felt it was comforting and womanly, others I felt it was too mature and overpowering for day-to-day wear. On one particular day the former was more fitting, and I made TOM FORD Velvet Orchid a firm commitment to my A/W fragrance wardrobe.

tomford-02 New Season, New Perfume tomford-01 New Season, New Perfume

TOM FORD Velvet Orchid has a suede, sandalwood and vanilla base, making the scent warm and sweet, whilst to me, it’s most noticeable top scents are bergamot and rum – not so say that it smells of just these things, they are the elements that I can detect best, like most people I am utterly helpless at describing scents without Fragrantica. When I wear this I feel like a proper grown-up; it’s not for lazy sofa days or brunches, this is for times where you need to feel confident and self-assured, and believe me this perfume makes you feel just that way. This has been my first (high) high-end fragrance, and the quality of it still impresses me on every wear – lingering as the full scent, not fading off and becoming undetectable. If you’re a fan of Molecule 01 (my all-time, year-round top dog), then I’d give this a whiff; Or, if you’re in the market for feeling like a proper grown-up woman doused in sophistication, then this could be your cup of tea – it’s certainly mine.