New Year’s Beach Days

Despite the plans I had for this weekend just gone, I unfortunately ended up being pretty much bed-ridden with a mild but painful case of tonsillitis. Being stuck inside however, without the health (or the will) to get up and leave the house meant I had the chance to look back at some of the nicer days I’ve already had this year.

New Year’s Day was one of those days – We trekked off to the beach to meet up with family, with the hope of perhaps some drinks and fish and chips post beach-walk. If we’re going to a beach that isn’t in the South of Cornwall, it’s most likely Well-Next-the-Sea, not just because it’s a beautiful beach attached to a great forest, but we also have lovely family friends nearby (and a convenient parking spot). If you’ve never been and perhaps are more likely to head to Hunstanton (which is the closest beach at about an hour away excluding traffic), take the extra half an hours trip and head to Wells – much more quaint British sea-side town with a lot to explore.

beach-nyd-05 New Year's Beach Daysbeach-nyd-01 New Year's Beach Days beach-nyd-02 New Year's Beach Daysbeach-nyd-03 New Year's Beach Daysbeach-nyd-06 New Year's Beach Daysbeach-nyd-07 New Year's Beach Daysbeach-nyd-04 New Year's Beach Daysbeach-nyd-08 New Year's Beach Days beach-nyd-09 New Year's Beach Days beach-nyd-10 New Year's Beach Days beach-nyd-11 New Year's Beach Days beach-nyd-12 New Year's Beach Days beach-nyd-13 New Year's Beach Days

After the brisk walk across the beach we headed into the forest to find the famous rope swing. The children among us did their best to get as many turns in before we headed off into Wells centre, the first stop being the arcade. I’ve personally always found arcades kind of creepy, even when I was younger, but there’s no doubt that they’re synonymous with the British seaside, and I had my fair few goes at trying to win a plush dinosaur (if the opportunity strikes I’ll always try to win the plush dinosaur), although eventually I was unsuccessful (sad face). Following my disappointment – I’m a grown-up, obviously I wasn’t in complete pieces over a toy dinosaur… – anyway, we went for a few hot drinks at an on-the-boat bar before heading back home.

Simple days in the outdoors with family are days of my favourite kind. This one already feels an age ago, and I can’t wait for another day like this soon, although I had an equally lovely one back in September, you can read that here. What are your favourite things to do on days out?