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nine-books-on-my-radar Nine Books on my Radar

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I have a confession. I’m not very good at finishing a book… In fact, my track record with reading is pretty awful.

Don’t get me wrong, when it’s the right book nothing can come between us, but finding that book is often a challenge.

Long story short, I’m not into novels – I can appreciate the art of writing one (see Mum, I do support you) but I don’t take pleasure in the escapism. Books about habits, how minds work and relatable disaster real-life love stories are far more catered to my palette.

Lately, I’ve been adding a tonne of badass looking books to my Amazon wishlist and I thought I’d share the best looking of the bunch with you. You’ll probably be in need of at least one of these books, I know I’m in desperate need of all of them!

Becoming: Sex, Second Chances, and Figuring Out Who the Hell I am

by Laura Jane Williams 

I stumbled across Laura Jane William’s Instagram account a week or so ago. Firstly, how the hell was I not following such a badass woman on Insta before? Secondly, I knew the second that I saw an amazon link in Laura’s bio, that I needed to check out her book.

Becoming looks like a frank and painfully relatable memoir – something I will happy dive head first into, not surfacing after a number of sad and happy cries, three bars of Galaxy and probably a bottle of wine.

The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM

by Hal Elrod

A woman sitting across from me in Costa a few weeks back pulled this out of her bag and almost instantly I googled the title, revealing the blurb of a book that looked right up my street.

The Miracle Morning shows you 6 habits that can help you build and create a morning routine that serves you and aids the creation of your best life.

It’s no secret that I love a bit of self-improvement and, it’s probably no secret that I need a little bit of help when it comes to creating a morning routine…

My Name Is Girl: An Illustrated Guide to the Female Mind

by Nina Cosford

Coffee table books don’t have to be your classic big, bulky and painful to rest on your lap, you know (you probably did know that, to be fair). My Name Is Girl looks like the perfectly relatable and hilarious flick-through book.

Again, this was another Instagram spy (Instagram really enriches my life if you didn’t already know), where the sweet illustrations made me smile and where I decided that I probably need to buy a coffee table for my new collection of coffee table books…

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life

by Arianna Huffington

I probably have mentioned at some point that being a #girlboss is a lifetime goal of mine (I have definitely mentioned it). Where else to start but with a book about defining your own success, written by one of the most successful women of recent times.

Thrive finds Ariana Huffington sharing her own challenges whilst starting a revolution in the way we think, work and live.

It sounds like a step towards my #girlboss aspirations, which you can read about in a tiny bit more detail in my recent post, Finding a Happy Place.

Botanical Style: Inspirational decorating with nature, plants and florals

by Selina Lake

After taking the plunge into crazy-cactus-lady-hood my interest in botanical styling and houseplants has skyrocketed. What do you expect

What did you expect me to do when I spotted this stunning book all about beautiful plants and working them into your home interiors… put it on this list, exactly!

Most of my plants are looking pretty good (considering my abysmal plant-care skills) so I think I’m ready for a bigger commitment to botanical style. If only they had a book for that…

The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful

by Smith Myquillyn

Yeah, it’s another book about interior style and living – at least it’s obvious where my passions lie.

The Nesting Place is written by a fellow blogger (albeit a more successful one – lol) and adds the realism back into interior decor and styling.

Smith shares tips for the real decorator in us all, because despite how much I wish I could do the whole Scandinavian chic thing, it’s just not going to work with my love of colour and cosiness (although I will still dream of it, don’t get me wrong).

Bloom: navigating life and style

by Estée Lalonde

Starting this paragraph off by saying how much I love Estée is just a given, right?

For years I’ve followed Estée’s blog and YouTube channel and have really enjoyed the growth and evolution of these platforms over the last year.

I just know that the aesthetic of this book is going to be unbelievably perfect.

Absolutely Beautiful Things: Decorating inspiration for a bright and colourful life

by Anna Spiro

Pretty interiors are my jam. Actually, they’re my bread, butter and my jam.

There’s nothing better than walking into a truly beautiful space and I sure as hell don’t have enough books showing me these beautiful spaces.

The cover of Absolutely Beautiful Things drew me into reading the blurb, which describes Anna’s journey with personal style and the lure of learning the art of layering – the type of education that I think I could happily take every day of the week.

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen

by Austin Salisbury

Back in my money-in-the-bank-account days (wow, they really were the days, weren’t they) I thrived on the few short breaks I had in Scandinavia – a beautiful region of the world with some very interesting people and a very pleasing way of life.

I’ve visited Copenhagen before and although I had an amazing time, I stuck to the well-tread tracks and was happy with my rough itinerary.

When I go again I’m sure my boyfriend would be up for the trip too, and I really hope we are armed with this book. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen looks like the ideal insider’s guide for places to eat, see and experience – all things I want to be top notch on my next hop north.


books Nine Books on my Radar

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I’d love to know what you’re currently reading, or what’s on your reading lust list.

I’ll be sure to update you if I get my hands on any of these babies (hopefully I will) and how they massively impact my life and the look of my (currently non-existent) coffee table.