Origins Clean Energy // Skincare

dsc_0310 Origins Clean Energy // Skincare

Switching to an oil cleanser is genuinely the best move I’ve made for my skincare so far. Although I never felt the fear of using oil on blemish-prone skin, the massive variety of cleansers where unknown to me for an amazingly long time. A quick browse on many skincare blogs will show the true popularity of oil cleansers, which really do come in all shapes, sizes and price tags (Emma Hardie’s Amazing face moringa cleanser…), but I think I’ve found the perfect middle ground.

This cleansing oil from Origins is the thing dragging me out of bed each morning. Scent contributes so much to how a product feels and unlike some heavily scented products, this is also very suitable for sensitive skin (it’s nice to have a sense of luxury in the standard, unscented routine). The borderline sour smell of grapefruit, orange, and lemon makes me feel fresh, energized and ready for the day (usually of writing about cleansers). It’s light and silky texture takes a while to get used to; the best method I’ve found is to use a few drops at a time, slowly building up coverage over the face. Then I begin with a gentle facial massage, which this oil is brilliant for due to it’s loose consistency. I couldn’t begin to try and word facial massage, so here’s a brilliant post from Caroline Hirons (x) which taught me the basics! Like all my cleansers, I use a hot, damp flannel to take this off, dabbing rather than rubbing, as my skin can be prone to redness in the mornings (no matter how many products I use with the word sensitive in them).

If you’re new to oil cleansers, Origins or in need of a morning pick-me-up, give this a go. It’s a sense of luxury without the price tag, and, if not most importantly, feels absolutely fantastic for my skin.

If you have any suggestions of cleansers you’re loving, let me know!