Outfit Essentials (For Every Dating Occasion)

dating-outfit-essentials Outfit Essentials (For Every Dating Occasion)

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If you’re like me and your first port of call after being asked out on a date is to fall into a sheer panic mode, then this is the post you really should be reading (and also, me too, read yesterday’s Tinder memories post…).

Although I’m now in a happy long-term relationship, we still go on dates (wow, I’m sure that’s a surprise), and sometimes I still have no clue what to do with my face or wardrobe.

Today I’ve put together a few seasonal style staples, which hopefully means I’m stylish and shared with you the top date scenarios for them. Thrown in are a few of my favourite pieces too, some of which I have definitely cried myself to sleep over lately…

Have a look around and then let me know what your go-to date night staples are.

Red Lipstick

WHEN: A first dinner date (be careful if you’re having burgers), or just for drinks.

WHY: There’s a shade of red for everyone, and when you wear it right it’ll drive your date mad (in like, a good way). Also, red is basically the symbol of passion and romance. Enough said.

PAIR IT WITH, A natural shadow on the eye, big lashes and glowy cheeks (skip the blusher and bright eyeshadows).

Jumper & Statement Necklace

WHEN: Sunday Lunches, Brunches and any sort of family-orientated occasion.

WHY: A jumper can be beautifully simple. Get the fit right and it’ll hang in all the right places, feel comfortable and be a definite step up from a slouchy cardigan or ill-fitting t-shirt. Banging on a statement necklace will keep it from being too plain, and still looks great when you’re sat at a table (I hate planning a great outfit to then realise half of it is under a table cloth).

PAIR IT WITH, A classic pair of skinny jeans, slim fitting trousers or even a modest-length skirt and tights (because, Autumn). If it’s particularly chilly, you can easily throw an open midi cardigan over the top! I’d keep earrings simple as to not clash with the necklace, but go all out with rings!

The Little Black Dress

WHEN: A steamy first date, any dinner where you’re planning to eat fancy, or cocktails with double dates.

WHY: It’s classic. There is a cut and style of LBD to suit everyone and once you’ve found yours it will accentuate your best parts without competing with anything. If you’re not sure what to wear on a date, this is a brilliant go-to, that’ll let your personality speak for itself.

PAIR IT WITH, Killer shoes – flats or heels – elegant jewellery and perhaps a few extra layers (it is nearly Winter).

A Trusty Roll-Neck

WHEN: Cosy afternoons in, walks through the woods, or a Saturday mooch around the shops.

WHY: The roll neck represents the ultimate level of comfort (at least I think so). It works alone, or brilliantly with a coat or scarf for walking. You don’t have to think about accessories much, and there is a cut that suits everyone. I love the hip-skimming styles with really chunky turtlenecks, but there are thin versions with very medium necklines that work great for layering-lovers. They also come in great colours, great patterns and textures.

PAIR IT WITH, Basically anything. Perhaps go with a smaller scarf if you’re wrapping up, but generally, roll-necks look great with jeans, trousers and skirts above the knee (unless you’re like a supermodel, which means you can do the midi/maxi skirt and big jumper thing…). 

The Midi Skirt

WHEN: From a fancy Saturday lunch to a weekday dinner, the midi skirt is the perfect thing to dress up and dress down.

WHY:  I love wearing midis when I’m not sure what the occasion will bring, or if the weather in cooling down and I’m just not in the mood for black tights (they kinda suck but are also pretty essential, right?). They can be classy and chic at dinner but transform into a fun and playful accent to your outfit at a trendy bar. Oh, you’ll also look like a super cool chicka who knows about fashion… so there’s that.

PAIR IT WITH, Pretty flats and a well-fitted jumper (god, I love jumpers) for lunch, a silky cami for dinner, and maybe throw on some heels if you’re heading out to the dance floors.

A Velvet Cami

WHEN: For the date you want to be comfortable on, but there’s room for a lil’ bit o’ glamour. Or perhaps you’re planning on doing a lot of hugging… velvet is super soft and you know how simple men are to please (lol).

WHY: You can keep comfy whilst still having made an effort. After all, feeling uncomfortable in your clothes on a nerve-wracking date just adds to the situation. Velvet is also super in right now and I have already mentioned how soft it is. All round winner.

PAIR IT WITH, Basically anything. I would play up the texture of the cami and keep other colours soft and complimentary, but since I’m new to the whole velvet trend, anything could go!

Rosy Red Cheeks

WHEN: Sundays, fun activities, shopping trips – think cute and relaxed.

WHY: Although a red lip often kills it, sometimes it can feel over the top for a relaxed date. Now the cooler months have rolled around, I love the freshly flushed look. It’s cute, playful and a little less upkeep that a bold lip (so go have fun on your date).

PAIR IT WITH, Fresh looking make-up, perhaps a nude lip if you’re a lipstick aficionado!

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So, what’re you date night or date day weapons?

Do you feel amped up with a bold lip? Do you opt for ruffles and frills to embrace your feminine side on the date? Or is comfort key, because after all, why dress to the nines every night if deep down you’re more of a pair of jeans and a tee kinda girl…?

Dating can be tough enough without the added overthinking of what to wear and how to do your make-up. Hopefully, now we can all create a few go-to date looks and spend more time focussing on the person sitting opposite us (which is the really important thing).

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