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Days can be slow and some weeks can feel even slower. Even after all the mood-boosting smoothies in the world (I totally do not drink these anyway) and the mindful yoga sessions (I do attempt these a fair bit) you can still be left feeling a little bleak. A tiny slice of self-caring retail therapy tends to come up trumps here.

I’m not talking about buying an entirely new wardrobe, or even spending more than the change in your purse (and that’s if you spend anything at all!). A little self-love, some novelty toiletries and a favourite tipple can sometimes do the trick.

Hoping I’m not alone here is something you’ll have to reassure me on. Have a look at what my favourite pick-me-up bits and bobs are lately; then let me know if you have a similar sort of response in place for those down days – pennies, pounds or something much simpler.

P.S. If you’re looking for a more mindful pick-me-up post, check this one out from earlier this year – retail therapy is the balance for me!

Fentimans Rose Lemonade

Sitting down at the end of a long (perhaps boring or painfully unproductive) day to your favourite tipple has to be one of life’s simplest pleasures.

A few weeks ago I tried this Rose Lemonade at a local pub, little did I know the party that my taste buds would start as I sipped it whilst listening to my boyfriend’s mates garb on (I don’t have to like all his friends, do I?). It’s subtle and fragrant, refreshing and sweet – the perfect thing with your fancy roast dinner, trust me.

It’s now my drink of choice in any place that’ll serve it, as well as a definite in my basket whenever I’m being frivolous in Waitrose… which is far too often.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Onto the self-care segment of picking yourself up with physical things (compared to you know, changing your mind-set, which we all know can be a task). Adding in a bit o’ self-love and care is easy done with a 10-15 minute face mask.

I’ve mentioned the Moisture Bomb tissue mask a few times on my Instagram feed and will continue to rave about it until you’ve all tried it! I mean, for starters, its 99p. Secondly, it really frickin’ works. After a relaxing session with this bad-boy tissue mask, my skin feels plumper and less riddled with dry patches, for days!

Since stocking up (because they’re 99p – 99p!), I take great pleasure in having a mini break in the middle of the day and slapping this bad-boy on. Even if I feel no better afterwards (though the cup of tea does always help) I look a tiny bit better… which really is enough some days.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant

Leaving the house is always a tough task (okay, not always), and sometimes slapping a load of slap on doesn’t help the situation – but stepping outside with spots-and-all on show? No thanks. The new(ish) Effaclar Duo Unifiant from La Roche-Posay kills two birds with one stone for me.

Whilst fighting against problem skin, it also gives me a little bit of coverage that helps me to face the world (or let’s face it, my own reflection).

I’ve only been using it for a week or so but have already seen improvement in some of my older acne scars and it’s made it into a pick-me-up favourites… so it must be doing pretty well. Stay tuned for some more on this one.

Carex Love Hearts Hand Wash

One of the most boring bathroom staples to buy is probably hand wash. Well, not anymore! Admittedly this is a bit of an odd one to include, but it’s amazing. I haven’t even run out of my current hand wash so currently this one just sits on my dresser for sniffing purposes (have I just revealed to the internet how sad I really am…).

However, the very true Love Hearts scent gets me every time – perfectly comforting and nostalgic.

If you haven’t sniffed any of this range, then get yourself down to Boots right away. For a measly pound the art of hand-washing could be transformed forever. I mean, it does make things a little bit more fun – is it weird to be talking about this? Yes. Just go smell it.

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What little things do you reach for (or look forward to) after a downright crappy-feeling day?

I’d love to know whether I’m alone in my love for sweet smelling hand-wash or rose lemonade… please help me feel more normal.

Photo-19-09-2016-10-59-15 Pick-Me-Up Favourites

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