Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in Lincoln

lincoln-anniversary-feature-image Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in Lincoln

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If you didn’t guess from the title of this post, over the weekend Jonathan (my beau like no other) and I celebrated our first year together.

It’s safe to say that a year ago we had no idea where we would be now and I for one am happy that the last twelve months have been such a pleasant surprise.

This post also marks the start of my first themed week here on BKY. Relationship week!

After today’s gushy (and subtle-brag-filled) post… expect my top tips for coping with relationship anxiety, some embarrassing stories from my dating past and a whole lot of chat about love, lust and happiness.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the weekend just passed, where I woke up amongst soft, striped sheets whilst being asked, “shall I go and get us a Costa?”

IMG_7355 Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in Lincoln IMG_7423 Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in Lincoln

The majority of Saturday morning was spent relaxed in bed, in anticipation of the surprise destination and dinner promised that evening.

Our usual breakfast of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup (yes, that’s why I’m a size 18 now…) was swapped out for fresh apricot pastries and croissants.

As we lay in bed, munching away and sipping at fresh coffee from the Costa down the road, I felt so happy and fulfilled with not a worry in my mind.

Lunchtime quickly rolled around and we set off to the now not-so-secret destination, Lincoln (let slip from Jonathan’s brother minutes before we walked out the door – classic).

Having never been to Lincoln before I felt excited, and immediately knew the restaurant we were likely to eat at – The Jews House Restaurant (ps. I was one-hundred-percent correct).

Before getting down to the munch, we had the task of dressing for the special occasion.

Checked in at the Hillcrest Hotel, I laid my trunk full of makeup onto the cutest lil’ four-poster bed and was ready to create a masterpiece (this is definitely tongue-in-cheek, I hope that’s coming across – lol).

Thankfully I’d practised my make-up choices the day before our trip (I absolutely love doing this btw) and I really enjoyed putting to work my brand new foundation and mascara (both of which were well overdue a refresh…). The L’Oreal True Match held up all night, giving me great coverage and comfort, whilst my eyelashes fluttered all the way through dinner.

Make-up done, I turned to my case I fished out my outfit of the evening. I’d settled on a pink velvet (drool) wrap skirt, a thin burgundy jumper, a pair of nude, pointed flats and a cute gold arrow necklace (from ASOS and definitely not real gold… lol).

Initially, I was nervous about the colour combo, but after a Pinterest search and a spy of an outfit from What Olivia Did sporting the same colours… I was suddenly quietly confident about my super #fblogger look.

Photo-07-10-2016-13-42-15 Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in Lincoln Photo-07-10-2016-13-38-45 Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in Lincoln

With a freshly trimmed beard and perfectly quiffed hair, Jonathan looked very handsome indeed (I’m obviously going to say that he always does). 

He wore his light blue blazer and pink chinos (I not-very-secretly love it when we colour coordinate) and we headed out to the Jews House restaurant. With a fantastic reputation and a cheeky lil’ Michelin star I knew I was about to be wowed… and even as I write this I know that’s an understatement.

(sidenote: if you told me a year ago that I’d have eaten in two Michelin star super-fancy fine dining establishments before I was 21 then I’d have laughed in your face. Life can be so unexpected and I’m so grateful for that) #defnotbragging

People often jest about the tiny portions and the high prices of fine-dining, but the experience is so much more than that.

The restaurant area was cosy and felt very homely and relaxing throughout our meal. The showstopper for me came in the form of a deconstructed billionaires dessert. Subtle chocolate emulsion, caramel foam, rich chocolate brownie bites and a gentle, harmonising ice cream. It took me about half an hour to eat and 3 hours to stop thinking about. It was divine (and Jonathan was obviously so grateful that I kept offering him spoonfuls).

After the meal (and a whole bottle of wine between us… you can imagine the slight wobble I had whilst walking down the cobbled streets of Lincoln) we headed for a couple of drinks down Lincoln High Street.

After chatting and sipping (or slurping when we opted for a pair of frozen strawberry daiquiris) for another hour, we decided to call it a night and grabbed a cab back to our hotel.

Photo-10-10-2016-14-22-26 Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in LincolnPhoto-10-10-2016-08-25-57 Pink Velvet, Swanky Meals & An Anniversary in Lincoln

Sunday morning broke and the struggle to get up, down in time for breakfast and still have time to shower and get ready before check out was on. I did a little better than usual and managed to look half presentable before we had to leave… emphasis on the half.

After breakfast at the hotel, we walked down toward Lincoln town centre once again. This time, we decided to walk through the Arboretum, which our hotel room had looked out onto (you can imagine the view was stunning). 

The temperature was perfect for a relaxed Sunday morning stroll and I came away with a pocket full of conkers (which I plan to tie strings to very soon). We then headed up a hill again (highlighting my low level of fitness) and explored the Usher Galler for a while. Unlike myself, Jonathan took his time reading the plaques next to the works of art, whilst I fled through the rooms jumping between whatever shiny thing caught my eye (not even pretending that I care why someone painted a pair of boobies in a certain way…). 

Soon enough it was time for a hot chocolate (the toffee apple one from Costa if you want to know) and a little browse of some shops.

Inevitably the rain started and we called it a day, heading back to the car (back up the hill…). After such a wonderful weekend with my beau, my body decided to bring things back down to earth and kick up the notch on my sniffly nose, leaving me PJ’d up in bed with a cool flannel on my forehead and a wonderful boyfriend taking care of me for the rest of the afternoon.

Despite the currently occurring sniffles, I had a wonderful weekend celebrating one whole year (it’s quite a big deal, believe me) with my absolute favourite (I’m pretty sure he had a great weekend too).

I’d love to know if you’ve visited Lincoln before, have a favourite place to eat or what you got up to over the weekend.

Comment below or hop over to Twitter and Facebook to share what you’ve been up to lately.

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