My Pinterest Bedroom: Planning & Inspiration

PORTRAIT-FEATURE-pinterest-bedroon My Pinterest Bedroom: Planning & Inspiration

Hello. My name is Becky and I’m a decorating addict.

Something within me can’t seem to stop with the paint swatches, the interior Pinterest boards and the compulsion to change the paint on the walls every six months. I’m not complaining by any means – I love it.

After my (still in progress) creative space project – which you can follow the journey of, here – I’ve turned to the place I spend the majority of my time (even if my eyes are shut) – the bedroom.

Despite a few furniture changes, it’s been the way it is for over eighteen months – which is a super long time for me. I’ve done blog post focused on my current set up before, so before you read on check out what I’m already working with: Homeware Highlights #1 & Homeware Highlights #2

Basically, it’s time for a change. Especially since I have a separate office now, I’m planning something warmer, cosier and all-round a little more stylish and me. Here’s what I have in mind so far:

Colour Scheme

After having a brilliant white (literally, it’s painted Brilliant White) bedroom for over 18 months, going to sleep and waking up in such a stark, clinical looking place has gotten old.

I loved having the plain and clear canvas to work my magic (magic like putting picture frames up –I made some pretty special ones, here) – but since the redesign of my office space – The Summerhouse Renovation – I’ve fallen for the idea of colour, real colour on those brilliant white walls.

Trying to keep up with trends whilst scrolling through Insta, I stumbled upon the Dulux Colour of the Year (2016) Copper Blush. All the pictures looked amazing – I wanted it!

After picking up a sample pot from trusty B&QI swatched it on every wall of my room and needless to say I’m in love. It’s a warm, almost terracotta orange with pink undertones that make it feel empowering and feminine.

I’ve tried several soft, pastel pinks to compliment it (because it’s too dark a colour to go everywhere) but can’t seem to decide on one… Believe me I’ve got another trip to B&Q on the cards to figure it out (not sponsored).

The great thing about the terracotta, blush pink and peach tones is that copper and gold compliment them all beautifully – meaning I can still spray everything copper without it ruining my aesthetic. These tones also tie-in with natural medium toned wood – meaning the floor, door and windows won’t seem out of place in the bedroom.

bedroom-planning My Pinterest Bedroom: Planning & Inspiration

Painting Style

Is it just me, or do painting walls just one colour seem a little blah now? Maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself thinking that I’m the next big interior designer, but I can’t stop thinking about patterned walls, colour blocked walls and ombré walls.

What really caught my eye over on Pinterest, was the half-painted wall trend; Painting the top half of the room a different colour to the bottom half. There are so many interesting variations of this, which I am very tempted to try out on my own space.

Bedroom Furniture

I know it’s very original and ground-breaking to put white furniture in a completely white room, but I did it anyway. In hindsight I think it was more a method to start with a blank space (and to take airy blog pictures…) but since my love for colour has been reborn, proved in this lifestyle post, I want to shake it up.

Unfortunately I don’t have the means to buy a whole new bedroom set, but I would like to add in smaller, more colourful pieces to offset all the white and to compliment the colour scheme chosen.

I love these muted pink wire tables from M&S!

To my white chest of drawers I would also add copper and gold drawer-knobs – far from the mix n’ match selection I have currently (which I did truly love).

Decor & Accessories

My once dream of having a photo wall never really went to plan… I put a tonne of pictures up in one of my alcoves and hated it. I didn’t even Instagram it, that’s how much I’d made a mistake.

After the error of my ways I’m left with tonnes of pin holes in the walls, along with an abundance of frames.

For my fresh room, I’m going to adopt the ‘leaning’ method of putting prints and picture up. Inspired by some of Kate La Vie’s brilliant interior posts, the thought of not having holes in the walls and being able to chop and change the wall art more often is a definite winner.

From my previous homeware posts – like these – you can tell that I’ve never had much room décor going on, which surprising considering the amount time I’m browsing H&M Home

I’d like to change this by adding in more texture, like blankets, cushions, vases and rugs. Yes, they will all be in pretty colours and yes, I will also count them as a blogging expense because no doubt they’ll be in all my blog photos…

Check out my Bedroom Ideas Pinterest board – which I have compiled a few pins of into the gallery below! All pictures can be found pinned, where their original and source links are available!


What would your design and style idea be for your own slumber space? Let me know, I’d love to hear and be even more inspired!

Thanks for reading – don’t forget to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram – I’m, probably too often updating you with my fresh inspiration…