Reconnecting With Personal Style

Fashion and style is something that I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to be the next big fashion blogger or fashionista, so at least I don’t have the pressure of setting trends and looking on point all the bloody time. Like many of us mere mortals, however, I do want to look good and feel comfortable and confident in what I wear.

What we wear is one of the biggest ways we express ourselves and when how we feel isn’t quite aligned with how we look, it can kick up a host of discomfort. You might remember that one of my goals for the year was to ‘dress for me’ (check out my goals post, here, if you missed it), and today I just wanted to delve a little bit more into my wardrobe plans and a few of the methods I’m embracing.

Don’t get me wrong, getting comfortable with your style and learning to werk it and embrace what you love is a journey. It’s going to take months for me to get settled and re-train my confidence levels, but much life self-love and gratitude, it’s a welcome journey.

Here I go, blindly falling into the darkness that is my knowledge of fashion and personal style. Maybe in a few months, I’ll return to the topic to pass on what I’ve learnt from my journey, but for now, these are my plans for reconnecting with my style and building n easy-going wardrobe that is completely me. 

Photo-07-01-2018-15-48-10-1 Reconnecting With Personal Style

Wearing what I have

The temptation to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe has been strong, I’m not going to lie. Thinking of de-labelling all my new spoils, trying them on again, folding and organising them and looking forward to the first wear which will be the softest and most ironed… it’s dreamy. Also, quite expensive. Also, maybe not the best idea because what I want that day may not be what I want next week.

Whilst I’ve been buying a few new pieces here and there I’ve mostly been wearing what I’ve got. I don’t have a large wardrobe (but I do have a fair few shoes) so you’d think that I’d love everything I do have – but I don’t. At least a third of my wardrobe is met with a sigh and a grumble when it comes round to wearing it.

By trying to wear everything in my wardrobe once or twice before finding something new I can be sure that I want to say goodbye to that ill-fitting top, or those tight shoes. It will also act as a reminder not to replace those ill-fitting tops with nicely fitted tops and not with more ill-fitting tops. We’ve all done that at some point in our lives, haven’t we?

Letting myself be drawn in

I know shops don’t really have magnets attracting you in, but have you found that when you’re not desperately trying to find a new casual dress, you find yourself drawn into one in a shop window and voila – it’s love.

When I know I need to buy something the magic suddenly leaves the building (or computer screen). It becomes a chore and I know I’ll end up with something for one-time use that I’ll never even blink at again. Shopping can be laborious, but most of the time it’d fun and exciting and the thrill of finding something you never want to take off (a bit like a 5-year-old in a Disney princess outfit) makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Taking on the role of the magpie when in and around town has seen me be drawn into a shop because “Oh wow that is a beautiful coloured jumper…” or “Those heels are the perfect height” rather than an “I guess this will do”. Not only am I learning more about what I really like, but I’m rediscovering the joy of finding bargains, experiencing clothes and the balance of it all. I can really see this way of shopping becoming a cornerstone of my personal style.

Observing my lifestyle

On all the tips posts and fashion articles, there is some mention of dressing for the activities you do. In my head, however, I do about ten-million more thrilling activities than I really do down here on earth. If I were to be left to my own devices, I’d probably be buying outfits that would fit in at the circus, or what you’d wear going to a fancy hotel (because these are clearly my aspirations).

Although it is a good idea to have thoughts about what you could be out doing, 90% of the clothes I wear will be for everyday use, so it’d be nice to know what I do. Turns out I mainly sit on chairs and sofas – working, blogging, watching something – with a walk every few days for good measure and semi-fancy (i.e. no trainers) brunch a few times a month.

Knowing that I probably don’t need three different types of going out shoe (what’s going out?) has revolutionised the outlook I have toward my wardrobe. Everyday options, choices and different colourways are what’s going to keep me happy and cosy – not different variations of sparkly heels (one will do).

Remembering the capsule wardrobe goal

‘Capsule wardrobe’ is a very thrown-about term nowadays. It used to mean a small selection of pieces that could interchange to make dozens of wearable outfits, but since the bloggers got a hold of it, it is used almost as an excuse to declutter and put things on de-pop (lol). Seriously though, a real capsule wardrobe of pieces that work (mostly) together and make dressing easy is my end goal.

I don’t want to have to run out to the shops every other week because I need something for an event or casual breakfast with my Dad… I want to be able to get dressed in the dark each morning and still look half decent and comfortable with my style.

Remembering this ultimate goal is kerbing my appetite for fast fashion and encouraging of quality pieces. Sure, I can’t really afford many quality pieces yet but at least I’m aware that buying cheap tops is literally throwing my money down the toilet. Knowing that I want to dress comfortably and stylishly is keeping me heading towards the right goal.

I’m well aware that my capsule wardrobe won’t be done by next week and I probably won’t be 100% comfortable with my style for a few months to come (or maybe ever). I am excited about my new outlook on my personal style though. One not about the outfit photos, or the Instagram tag, just one full of appropriate clothes that express who I am (and most of who I am is against baring my midriff – throw away that shrunken t-shirt, Becky).

I’d love to hear if you’ve had a journey with your personal style lately. Have you banned yourself from buying to discover hidden wardrobe gems, scrapped everything you have and started again or are you going all out and styling yourself to be the next top fashion blogger?

Let’s chat in the comments!

Until next time,