Revisiting Copenhagen

cph-067 Revisiting Copenhagen

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Six months on and I still haven’t published any of my Copenhagen photos on this (somewhat slow) blog of mine. After some deliberation surrounding whether to write about a trip that happened so long ago, I settled that some highlights, which mostly include dining, are too good not to share. I discovered some of these places out of luck, but motivated by the fear of ending up in McDonalds on a rainy evening so far away from home, I did do my fair share of research and review-reading. So behold, a small collection of spots in Copenhagen that I will one hundred percent be revisiting when the time comes – eateries that are worth the trek and classics that shouldn’t be overlooked.

One of the places I felt most eager to get to was Nyhavn, a famously picturesque street of colourful house-fronts and riverside restaurants. However, as you’d imagine it’s also a tourist magnet, although it can be quiet away from mealtimes, and if the weather isn’t great. I visited in the rain and could still appreciate the popular photo spot.

Dyrehaven Cafe, located in Vesterbro, a district with a ‘foodie’ and vintage vibe, west of CPH central station. Recommended by my Airbnb host, and described as ‘a place to take a moment’, I enjoyed a chocolate croissant and a small latte just before midday, whilst the atmosphere was relaxed. An abundance of tables, chairs and blankets outside, I would love to take a break here again one day, a peaceful spot in such a vibrant city.

Kalaset, is Swedish for ‘party’ apparently, and although I visited this cosy and rustic restaurant for breakfast, it was easy to imagine it transformed into a buzzing bar in the evenings. It was one of my favourite breakfasts of all time – Blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon, a berry fruit smoothie and a small latte (I tend to only drink coffee abroad and I got hooked on the stuff) – Kalaset is city side of the reservoir in Nørrebro – a few minutes from Nørreport station.

Bevars, is where I grabbed breakfast the Sunday I was in Copenhagen – a super cute platter of breakfast minis (tiny little mini pot of granola and yoghurt – omg). I regret not visiting the main part of Nørrebro sooner than on my final day in the city, although fortunately the say I was there I was greeted with a car-boot style market. Lots of stylish (obviously… it’s Scandinavia) and affordable homeware and vintage clothes is something you can never go wrong with. I distinctly remember wishing I had gotten something to bring back with me – there’s not much better than a practical, non-tacky and truly Danish souvenir.

Danish Architecture Centre, is a specific recommendation to anyone interested in design, architecture or art. Although labelled as an architecture centre, its installations are beautiful and cover a very wide range of subjects relating to design. The book and gift shop was also something dreams are made of. (Every Wallpaper* City Guide and books about Danish furniture design throughout history. Gimmee).

National Museum of Denmark, is a free museum, filled with Danish history and culture. As one of the first places I visited in Copenhagen, I would say it gave me a nice base knowledge about the entire country, and definitely has enough span for everyone find something new to learn about Denmark.

Please let me know if any of my recommendations are going to pay off, or if you have your own Copenhagen must-see/go/eat then let me in on the big secret!