September Beginnings & September Endings

September and I have always had our issues. It’s always tended to be a month of change (forced, with a lot of struggle), followed by a ‘down-and-out’ period, some self-reflection and eventually some sense of an action plan to get back on track – writing this I’m realising I am the epitome of predictable, as the last three September’s have played out like this… without throwing a pity party (because trust me, I’m over the pity) I will, for my own sanity, shed some of the last month onto the page.

Within in the first week of the month (change is always on que), my long summer of dating, and my long year of spending as much time humanly possible with my best friend before she moved 300 miles north, came to an end. The dating part of that statement was something I’d first started in May (and I mean, first-ever-date-date kind of started), and honestly, from then until that week, I always had my next date lined up. After meeting a handful of (to be polite) interesting people, I found a few good eggs, one of which was a great first and second date followed by a  “Sorry, I’m not over xyz”, the other of which led to eleven dates and six weeks of sharing the 40 mile journey to each others home towns. When the latter ended – inevitably since his favourite things to do were: drink, watch Denzel Washington films, complain about the salad dressing and talk about his upcoming trip to Thailand – I was suddenly without any back-up dates, realising that during my (super) fun summer, I hadn’t thought much about what was next for me, only now knowing it shouldn’t just be another boy (#careergirl).

As those thoughts ran through my head, the best one was packing up her bedroom, ready to jump on the train and, four hours later, settle into her new city. After an adventurous year out working and hanging out at fairgrounds, she’s gone to study at the University of Edinburgh. Nervous but excited, the last few chill-out sessions were difficult and because we didn’t really know how to acknowledge that we wouldn’t see one another for a while, we kept our goodbyes light. Right now she’s enjoying getting stuck into student life, things like shouting on buses, and leaving the club after half an hour to then pass out drunk on your desk. Despite the gaping hole in my little world the pride I feel for her is immense, as is the pride I have for the other best one who’s back in London for her second year. Seeing such close, life-long friends taking massive steps can’t be anything but inspiring, and I’m sure they both know how much I am rooting for them.

September’s been an emotional one. Right now I am planning a visit to London, mainly for shopping but I guess I’ll make time for the friend. This weekend I am heading over to Norfolk, because I love watching my Mum and her friends finishing 10K runs, but also the fish & chips by the sea afterwards. Next week I’ll be heading 300 miles north to visit Edinburgh, which I hope involves a lot of coffee, even more shopping, and Arthur’s Seat. Then October is looking like a lot of life admin, rediscovering some passions, and enough goal-planning to mean next September might not be so predictable.

At the time of writing I am listening to a spotify playlist comprising of Hairspray musical songs, and Elvis covers – an inspiring mix if you’ve never tried it – I can feel those goals defining themselves!