Seven For 2017

Happy New Year! Did you have a wonderful festive season? I hope so and yeeeeeesssss, this is basically a new year’s goals/resolutions/talking about myself post… but stick with it.

Since 2017 has to be my most organised and progressive year yet (I mean I’m turning 21, I’ve got to start making some money and I want to entertain the possibility of moving out one day before I’m in my mid-forties…) and there needs to be a bit of a plan in place for me to climb my own ladder of success.

Photo-16-12-2016-13-39-06 Seven For 2017

I won’t harp on for too long, firstly because I’ve never been great at introductions (a famously bad one was called a plane-crash by a teacher…) and secondly because I’ve already written over 1000 words (I’m sorry).

It’s 2017, things are going to happen whether they’re planned or not, instead of letting this year happen to me, I’m going to be shaping my own reality, starting with these seven babes of ideas and plans to kick off this year with an organised and responsible BANG.

Start a Bullet Journal

In true Becky fashion, I’m basically the last one on the bandwagon here… but in a recent blog post from Holly at A Branch of Holly, she mentioned just how useful she finds her bullet journal and why it’s a great tool for everyone in 2017 – read the brilliant post here. I love the idea of keeping diaries and planners, but the thought of having it all in one place is something I love more! I’m currently planning what I’m going to include in my bullet journal. My top picks so far are a wish list, with reasons to buy and whatnot, gratitude entries, a workout calendar with progress tracking and blogging stats and to-dos!

If you’re an avid bullet journaler please link me up to your posts or ramblings about it (please!). I’d love some top tips from the masters (that’s you).

Hello, Financial Responsibility

I don’t know about you, but money stresses me out. A hell of a lot actually. Although I have a great support system around me, I feel I’m reaching the end of my tether with having to rely on others for emergencies. Now, I’ve never been great at saving (aside from four months at the start of 2015 where I saved for two weekends away, a new camera and a summer holiday with my gal pal) but it’s about time that we cement our relationship a little bit. Feeling secure with things like car insurance and taxes, phone bills, Christmas expenses and holidays is going to take the edge off this year, and I need the edge taken off.

Embrace Style

In a post earlier this year (it was this oneI talked about fashion and style – how it was something I was desperate to explore but I found pretty difficult at the end of the day. A mix of low confidence, low funds and a lack of places to wear those fancy new shoes has rendered me pretty sad in the wardrobe department. I have one pair of jeans (that fit – but that’s a whole other story) and a few jumpers I rotate with the same pair of trainers (suede, which means I can’t go out if it’s raining). Yeah, I’m always pretty comfortable and never look like a bag lady but I want some more!

I’m no fashion blogger but I want to show a bit more pride in my style, start sharing my choices a bit more and have some of those cute in-front-of-wall photos on my Instagram feed! This might all wait until I’ve had a month or two off the Papa John’s-and-crisps diet I’m currently on (great if you want to make all your clothes too tight) but it’s gonna come – it simply has to.

Support Small Business

For months I’ve been following very creative and inspiring independent sellers and makers on Instagram wishing I could buy all the things, but you know, money and budgets and blah blah blah. Not only do I think that these products from real people in their little studio are beautiful and unique and very often made with love and care, I think that if I can buy something (I was going to buy anyway) from someone on Etsy instead of a retail giant, then I should!

I put this into practice over my Christmas shopping period and a few people have got some beautiful and handmade gifts, which means I’ve made a few people do little happy dances – as described by this great graphic, designed by @thepastelfox for @shopluxclothing on Instagram!

15258797_1278956158793518_4056964041229205504_n1 Seven For 2017

Make Things Happen (duh)

Yeah, this sounds broad… but it’s easy to look back and feel like nothing has changed or progressed week to week or month to month. Paired with my new bullet journal recording system (see point one) I’m going to set myself more mini goals to see change. Whether it’s finally getting those household odd-jobs ticked off, emailing someone about a project I want to start, or writing to-do lists that I can tick off until my hand is numb, I want to record and see change. So this time next year I not only can see the differences in my life around me, but I can see the little steps I took to get there.

Really Use the Weekends

I mean, I don’t hibernate for 48 hours Saturday to Sunday… but I also don’t get the most out of that time. Although Jonathan likes to catch up on his sleep, I generally don’t work as hard in the week, so laying in on a weekend makes me restless (and grumpy by the time J finally wakes up – lol). I want to start using this time for me a little more. Perhaps one weekend I will try my hand at a craft I’ve been eyeing up (hello colourful concrete casting), or another I might spend some time reading, baking or *eeeeek* exercising!

Develop My Instagram Addiction

You know what, Instagram is not gonna last forever and I for one love nailing a good flat lay too much to let it’s heydey slip by me quietly. Some people snigger at us Instagram obsessives but I’m all for a simple, free sharing tool for expressive creativity and making connections with people (some of which are halfway across the globe). Over the Autumn I stepped my game up dramatically and my Instagram growth proudly displayed the hard work I was putting in. Now I know it can be done, there’s nothing to stop me!

If you’re wanting to improve your own Instagram game this year (Woo! I believe in you!) Check out my Instagram improvement series… starting here.

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Do you make New Year’s resolutions? (FYI if you call them goals it’s the same thing). Whether you’re very official about the whole thing (and write over 1000 words about it *gulp*) or very relaxed and blase I’d love to hear what your personal resolutions/goals/plans are for 2017! P.S If you’ve got none, maybe I’ve given you an idea or two – no need to thank *wink*.

You might have a big event coming up, be planning to blog more (or less) or maybe you’re one of those lucky people who are pretty happy with what life serves up to them each year… I really want to know! Yes, I am even willing to read a blog post longer than mine about it…

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Best New-Year-and-Resolution-Making Wishes,