The Smart Casual Edit

Another month, another influx of adding things to my ASOS saved list and hoping that I might get a chance to buy a few of them this month. I’d love to know that I’m not the only one who has a whole album on their phone full of screenshots and photos I’ve taken in shops, kind of like a virtual capsule wardrobe… definitely not alone, right?

Anyway, due to my job hunt (which, if you’re asking, isn’t going brilliantly, but that’s for another post) which I can about in The Busyness of Unemployment, I’ve had my eye out for smart but personality packed pieces that I could add to my wardrobe when the right job does come along.

I don’t know many people who wouldn’t want to inject some colour (even just navy blue) and life into the same old, stale, business wear. A corporate office is never going to suit me or my personality so I am thankful for the wiggle room of wanting to work at more relaxed places (i.e. where you don’t have to wear a suit everyday).

Photo-26-02-2017-18-57-18 The Smart Casual Edit

Subtle prints with pops of colourful accessories sound (and look) like the ideal office-to-dinner wardrobe to me. You’ll notice my utter fascination with culottes lately, which it still a thirst that needs to be quenched. There just seems to be so many variations and patterns and for the lady with the chunkier thigh, I think they’re very flattering (i.e. me and I hope they will be).

Since we’re set to have a reasonably mild Spring and summer, I don’t think it’s time to stop wearing (or buying) those sexy jumpers. That M&S Fluted Sleeve instagram dreamboat is high on my list, as is a number of shirt/jumper hybrids, which are the perfect cheat to a classy smart casual style. Speaking of M&S, they’re absolutely killing it right now, aren’t they? Everytime I stumble in to buy pants or stroke the dressing gowns I’m always stopped by something that “doesn’t even look like M&S!”.

Spring is around the corner (can’t wait to see some pretty blossoms and Instagram that shiz) which means striped are back on the menu (were they ever off?) as is florals! I’m completely mesmerised by Warehouse’s Wisteria Print Jumpsuit, and their whole Wisteria range in fact. It’s the perfect balance of classic floral and modern silhouette, probably making it top of the must-get-before-it-goes list.

Enough jabbering! Scroll down and enjoy my lil’ smart casual edit, fit to suit your working wardrobe as well as your out-on-an-evening one.

You can probably tell that I’m a fan of the fluted sleeve trend as well as the pink trend that is still going strong. To be honest, most of these pieces I would wear all week round, regardless of whether I was in the office, having brunch or popping to the shops (though I do like to show off at the shops… yes, even in Lidl).

Are you a fan of the smart-casual style? I’d love to hear what your favourite pick is out of my little curation. I think mine has to be that floral jumpsuit, closely followed by the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag (which yes is clearly is in here for a joke because just look at that dollar).

Thanks for checking out my dreamy style edit, especially if you read all my drivel to do with stripes and that floral pattern…


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