Smoothies To See You Through Spring

I tend to be quite a fussy eater, so when I find something I like, I stick with it. Smoothies are such a spring and summer thing to me. Either the perfect pre-brunch drink, a tasty snack or a post-workout refuel (something that I have actually needed lately because I’ve started working out again – go me).

For years I’ve been making smoothies so I do see myself as somewhat of an expert, where my own tastebuds are concerned anyway. During this time I’ve settled on a few go-to (and not completely boring) smoothie recipes that between them tend to hit whatever spot I need hitting.

Instead of keeping these three babin’ combos to myself, I thought I’d improve your smoothie game a little bit by sharing the smoothie love!

Photo-03-04-2017-17-08-56 Smoothies To See You Through Spring

Summer Time

1 Banana, Whole Peach + Handful of Frozen Mango

This one is called Summer Time because, duh, it’s pretty damn summery. Peach is one of my most favourite flavours and since I realised that canned peaches are way more convenient than finding perfectly ripe peaches, I started chucking them in my blender! The banana makes a great base (for any smoothie) and the frozen mango gives it a tasty kick.

For this combo, I tend to use water instead of any kind of milk and I like to leave it quite thick. This one would also make a great batch of ice lollies for when the weather really starts to warm up.

Photo-02-04-2017-14-30-23-1 Smoothies To See You Through Spring

The Green Coconut

1 Banana, Handful of Spinach, tbsp of Peanut Butter + Coconut Milk

Okay, so I tend to really struggle with green juices. I know they’ve been all the rage, but they make me really queasy. The spinach in the smoothie, however, is almost completely undetectable! The coconut milk and the peanut butter makes the whole thing super tropical (and a tiny bit like a Pina Colada…).

Out of the three, The Green Coconut is probably the most calorific one, which makes it perfect for a post-workout protein hit, or as an I-forgot-to-eat-breakfast replacement.

Photo-03-04-2017-17-14-33 Smoothies To See You Through Spring

Alternative Oats

1 Banana, Cup of Oats, Handful of Frozen Blueberries, Squeeze of Honey, Almond Milk + Chia Seeds

Alternative Oats is definitely the most breakfast-y out of the three. Basically a fruity porridge without the warmth, great for a sunny morning or an on-the-go filling meal or snack.

The oats give the smoothie some substance whilst the chia seeds help bond everything together into a nice, thick smoothie (works best if you let it sit for ten minutes after blending). The honey also makes it sweet enough to kerb that biscuit craving that we all have on a Sunday morning – right?

Are you going to be trying any of my favourite smoothie recipes? If so, let me know what you think of them! I think my favourite has to be Summer Time, simply because of my current peach obsession.

Are you as partial to a smoothie in these milder months as I am?

Until tomorrow,