The Spring (Basically Summer) Edit

Welcome to my spring edit, none of which is rain appropriate and most should be reserved for some much warmer weather.

I’ve always much-preferred spring and summer style. Not so many layers, less sweating under a wool coat as you enter the shopping centre and more open toed shoes. Going out of the house is less of a chore and you actually want to sit around the house dressed all day when your outfit is a loose shirt dress and a pair of comfy sandals. At least that’s how I feel.

Photo-07-04-2017-09-30-56 The Spring (Basically Summer) Edit

If I haven’t mentioned it already, April is my birthday month, so I’ve taken a step back from adding hoards of officewear to my ASOS saved list and have started adding all things garden-party-and-relaxed-barbeque.

Like I’ve said, sandals are my one true calling and there is no lack of them in this edit. My favourites are the kind that lace or buckle up, so there’s no chance of throwing the sandal across the room. Those Lost Ink Pink Mules are basically in my dreams right now, as is finally having a pair of Birkenstocks – after budget copycats all my life I’d love to see if the real thing is really worth the price tag.

Generally, I’m looking at brighter and airier pieces for spring, lots of white shirts and hues of pink and blue (so nothing has changed). I’m more and more interested in the metallic trends going on and might start to edge towards it with an accessory or two, which is undeniably the best way to test the waters with something new.

My all season encompassing guideline is that comfort is key. This spring’s no different, but the silhouette of outfits and clothes is definitely coming more into play. That’s what I love the funky sleeve trend, it makes a plain top more interesting and takes bog-standard jeans and a t-shirt and turns it into something that at least looks like you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion. Literally the best thing for a fashion and style noob such as myself.

Check out what’s been on my screen and in my dreams (almost a rhyme) for the month of sping so far…

I’d love to hear what kind of things you’ve been lusting over this season. Are you a stickler for trends, or do you have a tried and tested style that you don’t like to veer away from… let me know in the comments below.

Share any of your recent style or wishlist posts with me too, as I’m always on the look out to screenshot more bits to dream about and make hypothetical outfits with.

Now I’m off outside (in some sandals) to enjoy this bout of rather pleasant weather we’re having…

Until tomorrow,


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