How To Update Your Bedroom for Spring

As most of you know by now, I love interiors. I’m sure most of you *also* know (and probably feel the same) that spring is the best season of them all. What could be more suited to BKY than a brand spankin’ new blog post that’s about both spring AND interiors?

Okay, calm down. Process the information. It’s happening.

From my experience, it’s easy to neglect interiors when we enter these milder, sunnier seasons. We’re spending more time outside, there’s more natural light which makes anything look better and priorities tend to turn towards other things, like creating your new spring wardrobe or planning your summer holiday.

Photo-27-03-2017-14-08-18 How To Update Your Bedroom for Spring

Cushions: H&M + Nikki McWilliams / Bed + Blanket: IKEA UK / Bedding: George at ASDA

As much as I love thinking about those other things (probably as much as you, believe it or not), today I’m going to be talking about ways to bring spring into your bedroom.

Adapting your bedroom during the springtime might not be the top of your list, but it really should be prioritised. Why?

Because we all still go to bed at the end of the day and wake up in the morning in our beds, and this time when we reflect on the day and process the start of the next are some of the most formative moments of our days. So why shouldn’t we put some extra effort in to mix things up when everything else is progressing too?

Without further ado, let’s dive into some ways (and reasons) to update your bedroom for spring.

Create An Adaptable Colour Palette

You’ve heard of colour psychology, right? If not, it’s simply the idea that certain colour provokes certain emotions in individuals. For example, blue connotes intelligence, calm, clarity and reflection as well as coldness, unfriendliness and conservative values. Yellow connotes optimism and emotional strength, but also anxiety and neediness. There are two sides to every colour (as with everything) and finding colours that evoke what you want to emphasise is the perfect starting point when talking colour palettes.

In spring, most of us want to inject some more colour into our sleeping spaces, so why not add hints of yellow and turquoise to a grey base (the colour that you have all year round and can add to seasonally). This would bring a sense of spring into the room as well as inspirational and optimistic vibes – perfect for the creativity of spring! If you want your bedroom to be more of a restorative place, why not start with green, adding accents of clear white and nurturing pink, creating a truly relaxing space that’s giving you what you need and what you want (pretty colours).

Colour psychology is so interesting when it comes to updating a space. Whether it’s in the form of a bunch of flowers, a blanket or a new duvet set, it’s worth looking into. Who knows, you could completely transform your space with one humble ‘pop’ of the right colour!

The Power of Bedding

Arguably the most important aspect of any bedroom, is the bed and bedding situation, right? In winter everyone goes mad for getting the right bedding because rightly so, it can make or break a good night’s sleep. But this is the decider most of the year round, not just in the dead of winter! Getting the bedding right for these milder months makes a massive difference to the quality of sleep we get.

Swapping out your winter duvet (a high tog) to a lighter, low to mid-range tog duvet will regulate your temperature better through the night and banish unnecessary bad night’s sleep. Yorkshire Linen has a great range of affordable duvets and pillows, as well as an All Seasons hollow fibre duvet, which is the perfect investment for your bedding selection all year round.

Once you’ve got the nuts and bolts of bedding spring-appropriate, it’s time to turn to the more decorated side of duvets and pillows. A good quality duvet cover can tie into your colour scheme, express the feel and vibe you want your room to have and make snuggling down on a spring evening ten times more comfortable. I’m a big fan of muted greys and greens this season, as they don’t overshadow any other colours in the room and don’t keep me awake at night (this might sound strange, but I guess I mean that I find these colours relaxing).

Yorkshire Linen’s king size duvet covers are definitely able to transform the look and feel of your bedroom. Their affordable range includes some beautiful designs in comfortable fabric and there really is something for whatever interior style you’re aiming for! I love the yellow and grey Oriental Birds king-size duvet set as well as the Santorini Blue set, both perfect for the spring and summer. They’ve got just enough colour and ‘pop’ to make a statement without intruding on the rest of your bedroom’s design.

What kind of bedding are you loving this season?

Bring In Life

Spring, at the end of the day, is about new life. Baby lambs, other animals being born, planting vegetables and watching flowers bloom, it’s all undoubtedly spring.

Bringing a plant or a bunch of flowers into your bedroom space perks up the room and remind you every single day that spring is here! Also, it gives you a brilliant excuse to buy a pretty vase… win-win.

If you’re planning to add some real-life greenery into your room, aloe vera and ivy plants are great choices (especially if you’re prone to accidentally burning yourself…). An ivy plant doesn’t have to cost you a thing, either, simply trimming some ivy from the garden and planting it in some soil is enough for it to grow into a full trailing shelf plant.

Embracing flowers instead of hard-to-kill plants? Picking up several bunches of different flowers and having a go at arranging them is a great spring activity that you can admire for weeks (if you remember to change the water). It’s so easy to work this into your colour palette too!

Photo-27-03-2017-14-12-27 How To Update Your Bedroom for Spring

Bedside Table: Marks & Spencer / Vase: H&M Home / Wallpaper: MissPrint

What are you doing to bring spring into your bedroom (and other rooms in your house)? Are you welcoming all the flowers and plants in, perhaps basically living in an indoor jungle, switching up your bedding or something else entirely?

If you’re planning to invest in some new bedding for these milder months, definitely check out Yorkshire Linen’s range, which is beautiful quality at a great price.

Whatever you’re doing to breathe some life into your room, I’d love to know. Tweet me or leave a comment below.

Now I’m off to spring-ify my bedroom even more (of that’s even possible).


This post was a collaboration effort.

This post was a collaboration effort but all opinions and views are my own.