Strawberry Feels Forever

lushstrawberrymassagebar02 Strawberry Feels Foreverlushstrawberrymassagebar01 Strawberry Feels Forever

Of course it wasn’t going to be long before once again I’m declaring LUSH love all over this blog. Their extensive range of massage bars double up as body moisturisers, that all glide over the skin, melting at body temperature, leaving hydrated skin along with leaving a heavenly, heavenly scent behind. I’ve always been a fan of their more classic massage bars, Each Peach is legendary, but the fruitier feel of this one (pretty literally, the cutest design ever), has summer written all over it. Strawberry scents can be a bit like marmite for me, too sweet and sickly, completely pumped with that generic ‘strawberry’ smell or just a burst of perfume not at all long lasting. Lucky for us LUSH is famously known for using natural, cruelty-free ingredients, including freshly crushed strawberries, coconut oil and bergamot oil, which gives such a natural odor to this massage bar that sticks around all day, a perfect balance.

I’d tell everyone to spend some time strolling around LUSH, mostly because I believe there really is something in there for everyone (and not because I could definitely spend a whole day in there myself…), however, if you’re already a LUSH lover check out some of my other favourite products; here, and here.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’ve tried Strawberry Feels Forever yet!