Taboo Talk | The Importance of Self-Care

taboo-talk-self-care Taboo Talk | The Importance of Self-Care

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If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ve probably seen a fair few of my Wellbeing Wednesday posts and you probably know that I’m a big advocate for self-care and a little selfishness in the name of it.

Unfortunately, this spirit of taking care of yourself has fallen by the wayside of my life lately… and no this isn’t going to be a post full of ‘woe-me’s’, I just need to tap some thoughts out and make a few more promises to myself (perhaps I’ll spark a conversation on self-care too).

A couple of months ago I had a few weeks where my routine of self-care and wellbeing was at its height. Every day I was getting my yoga on, I was stuffing fruits and veggies down, there was an hour before bed every night where I would wind down, pamper myself a little or completely indulge in time with my boyfriend.

Flash forward to the last few weeks, where my life has felt like one big to-do list (probably because of my addiction to to-do list apps…), my morning routine has been completely obliterated and the most nourishing food I’ve eaten has been a bowl of Golden Grahams.

You might be wondering what caused the quite steep decline of my wellbeing and general livelihood (although it might not be apparent from my Twitter feed it’s definitely there) and the truth it I don’t know.

It might be the sudden dissatisfaction with living in my family home, it could be the lack of good times with my main girls who are both studying hard at uni or it could just be the lack of sunshine and vegetables.

No matter what it is, there’s only so much wallowing one can take. So here I am calling this period of dissatisfaction and unnecessary anxiety out, muffling the voice in my head that doesn’t sound as motivated as it used to and getting back to a place where I can look back on the day feeling proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Within the space of the half hour I’ve been writing this post so far (don’t watch Desperate Housewives whilst you’re trying to concentrate), I’ve come up with a few things that I’m going to dedicate myself to over the coming weeks.

Finding My Inner Yogi

After possible not stretching for a month, the strain to touch my toes has suddenly become apparent again. I hit my stride with tonnes of Yoga With Adriene videos last month so I’ve not a doubt in my mind that I could do it again.

Yoga brought so much more than a little exercise to my life. Whilst I was practising I foud myself completely in the moment and experiencing the kind of mental break I’m currently only dreaming of. The cooler weather welcomes the extra heat in my body and my mind desperately needs a little recluse. This morning I’ll be kicking off my commitment to Yoga with my favourite video, Yoga Tone.

Pencilling In Reading Hour

Since my boyfriend has gotten into reading crime thrillers (that scare the bejeezus out of me), we’ve started to trade in watching a movie on an evening for tucking into a book or two for an hour. Not only am I surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying reading again, but I’m actually excited to open up the book each time I have a reading session.

Even though my mind is stimulated with ideas and thoughts it never feels overwhelming or out-of-control (you know, the way anxiety can make you feel). I’ve currently got three books on the way to me (one from my mother, one from my boyfriend and one from myself), so making sure I’m getting in a few chapters a day shouldn’t be a problem for the foreseeable future.

Getting My 5-A-Day

I think this is something that seems so simple when you’re in full flow of eating your fruits and veggies. But when you haven’t eaten a piece of fruit for a week (this confession surely bonds us?), it feels downright impossible to be eating that volume. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to eat them, but lately another bowl of Golden Grahams has just been more appealing (wow I wish they would sponsor me to write a blog post because I seriously love ’em).

Anyway, my mind is currently on smoothies, salads and some tasty stews (with dumplings – carbs are life) – I’m sure that in no time I’ll be knocking back 9-a-day and smell of kale constantly…

Searching For Beauty Everyday

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’ll know how committed I am to Instagram, or as I like to call it – my curation of everyday beauty (I don’t call it that in actual conversation, don’t worry). However, some of my photographs have felt less organic recently – a little bit forced and I’m generally not as happy with my collection of images.

Trying to build up my confidence again is high on my priority list and as I’ve been reading more inspiration books I can already feel my natural Insta-rhythm come back to me. Don’t forget to head on over there to revel in my new-found inspiration…

Believing In Myself Again

*phew* Now we’re onto the big stuff. In comparison to getting my 5-a-day, this feels like pretty heavy lifting but hell, I’m sure I’m not the only one whose self-confidence flows like peaks and troughs – right?

Blog-wise I’ve been completing the same amount posts, coming up with the same number of unique ideas and keeping just as active on social media as two weeks ago, so how come this week none of that has felt like enough? As mentioned earlier, the last fortnight has felt like a constant to-do list, minus the satisfaction of crossing something off. Hopefully upping my level of self-love and care will naturally

These tried and tested methods of upping my level of self-love and care will naturally increase my self-belief again – and hopefully pretty soon. Hell, if not I’ll have to try a more extreme method of getting my mojo back… but let’s not speak too soon.

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Stay tuned to BKY for an update on my new self-care goals in a few weeks (hopefully I’ll be sounding a little more excited about life and what not). Thank you for taking the time to listen to my rambles, I’m sure to return the favour if I haven’t checked out your fantastic corner of the internet already – leave your links below!

What do you like to do to make sure you’re getting good, healthy levels of self-care? Have you felt lacking in the self-love department lately too… perhaps it’s something to do with the weather (how British of me…).

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