Thank You, Mum

Happy Mother’s Day! I wish everyone a great day doing whatever it is that you’ll do. Photographed is a little round-up of treats my mother will be receiving today (although she deserves a whole world more), included are a few picks from the Lush Mother’s Day range, a Waitrose cupcake (because I’ve been too lazy to make my own… sorry) and a hand-made card (which I spent a long time on, even though I’m aware I’m not the next Van-Gogh…).

Today’s post is just a short little thank you to my Mum, who never fails to look after me whether I ask for it or not, who is my biggest fan and greatest inspiration… here’s a post all for you, aren’t you lucky!

mothers-day-card Thank You, Mummothers-day-lush Thank You, Mummothers-day-peonies Thank You, Mum

I guess I just wanted to say thank you, as many people wish to do on Mother’s Day, for all you’ve done for me in the last year (or since I last properly thanked you). You’ve helped me through rough moments and have been by my side during happier ones. You support me in all my (sane) decisions and you’re one of the few people who wholeheartedly and undoubtedly believe in me and in everything I can do. 

Thank you for all the Costa trips, even when I didn’t really feel like talking, and thank you for accompanying me on drives to the beach and jaunts to TK Maxx when I didn’t want to go alone  – especially when you postponed work you had to do…

Thank you for the cups of tea, and thank you for the emergency pep talks. Thank you for fashion advice when I don’t know what to wear (even though I’ll always ignore it).

Thank you for every breakfast, lunch and dinner we’ve had together and thank you for introducing me to lager shandy. Thank you for letting me wait outside Tiger whilst you spend a lifetime looking inside, and thank you for listening to me waffle on about lighting design, or photography problems. 

Thank you for letting me steal your laptop when I want to write another blog post, and thank you for reading them and still telling me you loved it despite frequent spelling or grammatical mistakes (you’re a writer and English teacher, I know it hurts). Thank you for forgiving me when I flake on you, and thank you for never flaking on me when I really need you.

Thank you for being my Mum, I wouldn’t and couldn’t ask for anything more.

Happy Mother’s Day – I love you, Mum.