The Best of 2016

2016 has undoubtedly been my biggest blogging year ever – I mean, it’s probably because I actually stuck to blogging for a massive chunk of the year, started to create some bomb content and actually gave it gold stars in the hobby section of my life.

In the name of living in the moment and not looking back to that past too much, I’m rounding up some of my best and brightest pieces of content from the year so they don’t get lost in the flow – because damn 2017 is going to be a content tsunami.

Because I can’t keep making this all about me (although if someone would read that then woohoo) I’m challenging you to share some of your best and favourite pieces of content you’ve created – be it a blog post, an e-book, an Instagram post… anything! Share on your own blog (remembering to send me a link so I can check it out!) or just comment down below with your blog-proud moments of 2016.

best-of-2016 The Best of 2016

Your Favourite Pieces

Statistically speaking, these are the posts that drew the most reaction, got the most likes on Twitter or that were published at peak times (peak according to all those infographics on Pinterest). In case you missed them, check them out again now before the new year is here, along with a tonne of fresh content and exciting things.

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My Favourite Pieces

Every blogger will share the frustration of pouring your heart and soul into a piece of work for it to have little (or no) payoff in terms of reads or reaction. This has definitely been the case for a few of my favourite posts. These posts are either close to my heart, in which case I probably overshared just a tad… or I just really enjoyed writing them!

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If you’ve decided to have a little read of some of my top picks from the last year – thank you! I hope you gained something from it and now it’s my turn to have a discover. If you’re writing your own 2016 round up post link me up down below or on Twitter – I can’t wait to see what brilliant creations you’re proud of!

Here’s to enjoying the remainder of this rollercoaster year, whether you’re planning to go out with a bang, or enjoy a cosy night in with those who made this year so wonderful – have a great new year and I’ll see you in 2017!

Lots of reflective-and-nostalgic love,