The Best of Both Worlds

essie01 The Best of Both Worlds essie02 The Best of Both Worlds

Whilst I’m writing this from a nicely air-conditioned office, my nails are possibly the only thing reflecting the scorching weather outside this week. After falling back into pink a few months ago, I’ve been embracing everything from deep-almost red (and definitely more autumn than summer) shades, to milky, baby pinks, yes, all still mostly from Essie. Peach Daiquiri is a neon coral/pink hybrid that I’ve struggled to detach myself from, hand to toe.

In my nail diaries recently I’ve dabbled with the mini-trend of wearing different colours on each hand. Seeing some others rocking it without looking genuinely insane gave me hope that I’d pull it off. Of course being unable to part with my Peach Daiquiri (I am still talking about nail varnish…), I found that Sand Tropez was the perfect neutral in my collection to compliment the neon fusion without clashing or getting me listed on some sort of crimes against beauty list. Although I’m not totally convinced by this trend (sometimes it can still look a little too excited-tween-allowed-to-wear-nail-varnish-for-the-first-time), I’m gonna persevere until I find many more combos I love, if possible more than this Sand Tropez/Peach Daiquiri number.

I usually get my Essie polishes from Boots, their advantage card points stack up nicely with each new season collection (whoops!), you can find both shades, as well as a million more here.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’ve tried this mis-matched nail trend and your best discovered combos!