The Biggest Lies of Blogging

I’ve been blogging for quite a while. Properly for the last couple of years, but the first time I set about writing some words and publishing them on the internet, it was probably 5 years ago. During this crazy journey, I’ve sure heard some crazy ideas about blogging.

Some have just been out there, some quite plausible and some I’m just pretty tired of hearing.

Today I’m basically myth-busting 5 of the biggest blogging lies I think there are. In your own personal experience as a blogger or blog-reader, you might have come across the same sort of ‘lies’ when it comes to being a proper blogger or blogging success. 

If you also think some of these common blogging practices are downright lies, then let me know in the comments below. But first, here are a few of the biggest lies of blogging.

Photo-11-04-2017-14-47-48 The Biggest Lies of Blogging

Every post has to be *the best*

Over the last few months, I’ve adapted the way I blog to suit me more. You can read all about it in this postA massive thing that I’ve noticed is that dropping the idea that every post has to be the one that could go viral or the best piece you’ve written so far. Especially if you’re trying to blog more frequently, making every blog post a masterpiece is an absolute slog.

Filler content is okay. Doing a tag, chatting about your new favourite thing or just writing 500 words about your week is okay. It’s a lie that our blogs need to be 10/10 content from the start. If you’re happy writing what you want then ignore the apparent call for lengthy profound-statement making posts. Just do you.

You need to buy more to blog more

I definitely used to be in the mindset of blogging about things and sharing hauls, new purchases and trying to evoke an envious reaction in my readers (basically, showing off). Having (or not having) something new to talk about doesn’t make your blog better or worse. In my opinion, it doesn’t make much difference.

If you can write, like writing, have something to say or want to find the words to say what you want to, then having a new accessory in your possession doesn’t make much difference.

Daily blogging is easy

Admittedly, some people (maybe even myself) can make blogging every day look easy. Every day a post just appears and those reading can easily underestimate the time and effort that went into that dinky little post about interior goals…

Daily blogging is hard, though. Coming up with ideas, forming them, editing everything, promoting and maintaining them takes time. So much time. Not everyone can jump into daily blogging, if you work and study and have friends then you’ll have to work really hard, but it’ll probably be worth it. Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Blog Every Day.

You have to be helping someone

It was in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, which is a book everyone should read (FYI), where I was told to stop trying to help people. Although it wasn’t blogger or blogging specific, it struck a cord with me. Blogging about your thoughts and feelings can easily seem selfish when you’re not making an effort to share your wisdom with others… but not everyone needs their favourite blogger telling them how to live.

As soon as I started writing without the sole intent to help others (which can come off as patronising) I started to enjoy writing more and revelled in the positive feedback I was getting (maybe because people felt less like I was trying to make their lives better above anything else…). If people want help then they’ll read between the lines and find it where they can. Let’s stop pandering to them though.

Showing up is priority one

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather read a blog of someone who is clearly living than someone’s blog which is only about sitting online and being a part of the blogging community. Showing up consistently is important, but showing up too much in the blogging world might mean that we’re not showing up enough in other parts of our lives.

Taking some time off to replenish your inspiration by going away or exploring the world directly around you is priority one (most of the time). Your blog and your readers will probably still be here afterwards. Knock blogging down a notch on the to-do list, the world will not end.

What’s the biggest blogging lie that you’ve heard?

You’ve heard from me about what I consider some of the biggest lies people tell about blogging, now I want to hear from you!

What’s the biggest blogging lie you’ve heard? Something that maybe everyone goes along with without thinking but has no real value to any of us. Let me know in the comments below and connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

Until tomorrow,