The Blogging Starter Kit

When I started blogging, I quickly felt as if I probably should be exploring more than just my own homepage, I didn’t have the faintest idea of where to start. I mean, when you started blogging, did you?

With a million-and-one blogs at our disposal these days, it’s hard enough to pick a popular and well-established blog to delve into, let alone find a hidden gem tucked away in the corner. When you do stumble upon a shiny needle in the haystack, however, it can literally feel as if you’ve found a £100-pound note on the floor – or a £10 note in a toilet… but that’s a completely different story.

We absolutely must not keep these blogs to ourselves, as even though it can be tempting to steal all the wonder and insight for yourself, for the long-term wellbeing of the blogging community, the cycle of blogs needs to keep renewing. Meaning that, yes, we must boost up smaller blogs that are ah-mazing and keep the ‘top spots’ rotating a little (they get stale pretty quickly anyway, don’t you think?).

Today, in the spirit of kindness in the community, I’ve put together a little starter kit for those of you who want to read some fab blogs but don’t know where to start! This post is also my entry for #TheBlogRace challenge 3, which I am overwhelmed to still be a part of – so thanks to all you sexy babes that have voted for me these past two weeks… don’t stop yet!

Before I start, I will just say that I would have loved to include some of the other blog race contestants in this little lineup BUT figured I couldn’t just name one or two (and risk being scrutinized in our lil’ group chat) so I ignored them all! All of their blogs are amazing, and after you’ve read my lil’ line-up I’d highly recommend you pop over to #TheBlogRace on Twitter and check us all out (wink wink).

Without further ado, here’s my blogging starter kit:

the-blogging-starter-kit-house-jungle The Blogging Starter Kit

For a little bit of everything – Nettle & Blackberry

Imii’s blog (and Instagram) is basically everything I wish mine was – but enough low-level envy! Nettle & Blackberry explores life, style, beauty and blogging and does so in a balanced and beautiful fashion. The imagery is bright, fresh and natural, whereas Imii’s writing style is snappy, to-the-point (I praise everyone who knows how to properly use paragraphs) and charming. Like I’ve said, it’s a little bit of everything.

Imii’s Twitter / Imii’s Instagram 

For non-boring beauty – Bean’s Beauty Blog

Although I’m not as into beauty as I was in 2015, I can still appreciate the latest toner on the block or lengthening mascara (both things I need in my life right now). Georgie reviews beauty products and chats about them in a very relaxed (read, fun and not boring) way. It not only makes me want to try most of the raved about products she mentions, but it also ignites that small spark I still secretly have for all things beauty.

Georgie’s currently upgrading her website and blog, so I don’t have a direct link for you, but follow her on Twitter and Instagram – keeping your eyes peeled for her new site!

Georgie’s Twitter / Georgie’s Instagram

For beautiful prose – The Ever Change

Flora at The Ever Change used to be Flora from The Ever Changing Home, and although on her personal blog she’s taken a step back from the interior heavy content, there are still some beautiful shots of her new home, this time accompanied with poetic prose on her current experiences and feelings. As a writer, Flora knows how to string a stunning piece together and frequently does so – making me stop and really appreciate her process.

Flora’s Twitter / Flora’s Instagram

For real-life lifestyle blogging – Just Emmi

I hope Emmi doesn’t mind me saying, but I feel like when I read Just Emmi, it’s got the same kind of categorical vibe that I get from my own blog. With a brilliant mix of lifestyle blogging – think work, moving out, places to go and what to do – with musings on the blogging world, classic (but actually interesting) list posts and a train-of-thought writing style, Emmi’s blog is honest, raw and real lifestyle blogging.

Emmi’s Twitter / Emmi’s Instagram

For serious interior guidance – And Project

Another Instagram find (it’s seriously so easy to tell whether a blog is up your street from the visuals) – And Project is a predominantly interiors blog run by Harriet. On the blog, she shares brilliant (and actually helpful) how-tos, insights into her own home, style and interior regrets, as well as relevant twists on the current trends. Oh, and the mood boards she puts together are divine. 

Harriet’s Instagram

For your journey to being a marketing goddess – A Branch of Holly

Although I’m sure there are a hundred and one marketing blogs out there, when I’m looking to improve my strategy or brush up on my traffic-boosting methods, I only ever visit A Branch of Holly. Holly shares advice for all platforms and always presents it in easily-digestible ways, that even I can implement! Every month she also creates a jam-packed blogging magazine (which, disclaimer, I do design), which is like a cherry on top of a massive business and marketing sundae.

Holly’s Twitter / Holly’s Instagram

For that sense of calm – That Scandinavian Feeling

I feel like I’ve followed Ingrid for ages across all platforms. Her content is timeless and her blog and Instagram as so well branded and well suited to her personality and style (probably why all that she does seems so effortless). Ingrid’s main theme is right there in the title – That Scandinavian Feeling – chatting all things Hygge, minimalism and scenic spots (be it inside or out). Ingrid’s blog is a must-visit for anyone with a lust for the clean, cosy and cute.

Ingrid’s Twitter / Ingrid’s Instagram

The Instagram Bonus

For floral inspiration – @blowyinthewind

Sometimes it’s the creativity that we could never replicate ourselves that strikes us the most – don’t you think? Elizabeth’s feed represents exactly that for me – delicate, floral arrangements plunged into every day, (sometimes) mundane life. Pure art.

For the designer – @natasha_nuttall

After stumbling across Natasha’s stationery hauls on YouTube (great insight into how I spend my evenings) I fell head over heels for her, clean-cut, bright and bold images on Instagram – one for the colour lovers.

For pure coastal bliss – @seaatme

If anyone has the power to make me weep over not having been to Cornwall for years, it’s Hannah. Beautiful, crisp snaps of the coastal paths, the bright blue sea and (on rainy days) cosy cornish corners.

For colourful country styling – @sophiewarrensmith

Honestly, I didn’t know whether to place Sophie here, in the Instagram section, or up with the blogs. Point being that Sophie’s blog and her Instagram are gorgeous. With a strong focus on visuals, she incorporates muted brights and florals into her images and does so whilst playing with composition and angles.

If your favourite smaller bloggers and Instagrammers are worth a follow (which, obviously they are) then shout them out below. Let me know if you’ve completely fallen head-over-heels for any of my favourite creators, and then go and soak up all the content.

Until next time,


Thanks to Vix and Laila for their creation of The Blog Race!