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cc03 The CC Concealers

cc02 The CC Concealers

First there were BB creams, then came CC creams, now the colour correcting concealers are here. These coloured concealing marvels aim to disguise imperfections by using the opposite colour on the colour wheel. Green cancels out redness, purple neutralizes yellow tones, peach brightens and so on. Although there is considerably less hype around this form of alphabetically alliterated make up, I feel these are the ones that deserve any hype at all. Unlike the others (glorified tinted moisturisers), these actually do a decent job, and are making applying make up a little more paint-by-numbers, which is somewhat helpful on lazy mornings for the non make up artists of us.

This quad from & Other Stores (also know as my latest obsession) contains a yellow, green, lilac and orange tone perfect for the majority of imperfections. They have quite a stiff, waxy formula, making them long wearing and very build able; however it means you have to work quickly. I tend to use the green in this quad most, using my finger to dab onto the small red blemishes on my face, then usually patting down and blending the edge with my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge. The key to working with this quad (at least I’ve found), is to keep the coverage thick enough. Even though you may worry about the green or purple tint showing through your foundation, it really doesn’t. I’ve worn light and heavy coverage bases after using this quad and when we’ll applied it really is undetectable and leaves your skin looking flawless (thank god something does!).

These colour corrector sticks from Max Factor are fairly new to Boots; after seeing a surprisingly small number of reviews about them, I picked up the lilac one, supposed to correct dullness. I wouldn’t necessarily describe my skin as dull, I would, however, complain about the yellow circles around my eyes. This is working really well for them, helping my foundation stick around longer (usually a famously yellow under toned Bourjois number…). Slightly creamier than the & Other Storied quad, I’m very tempted to pick up a couple more of these babies and do a real comparison, although they do hold a steeper price tag, £9.99 each, compared to a very reasonable £12.00 for a quad of four…

Have you taken to CC concealers yet? Another unnecessary hype or could this one stand the beauty test of time?


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