The Cleansing Top Shelf

oskia02 The Cleansing Top Shelfoskia The Cleansing Top Shelfoskia01 The Cleansing Top Shelf

When upping your skincare game cleansing seems like the most logical place to start. It’s what you use first each morning and evening and there are some real gems out there starting right at drugstore prices (my purse is already thanking me). Cleansers are probably what I swap around the most these days, and after eight or so months of rotating the high-end and cheaper alternatives, I’ve settled on a nicely balanced top shelf of skincare.

From the first use of the Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel it’s easy to see how this cleanser has sky-rocketed to blogger fame. The thick oil-based gel with a sweet smell (a likeness to Turkish delight if you ask me) is pumped from the equally delicious packaging (gorgeous… and hygienic!?), and breaks down beautifully as you massage it into the skin. I tend not to add any water to this whilst I’m working it in, simply because it can start to feel a little too thin and not as indulgent. It tends to leave behind a thin residue, but it’s always felt hydrating and after completing the rest of your morning routine is completely undetectable.

In the evenings I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous cleansing butter to remove all my make up. Holding a likeness to Clinique’s Take the Day Off balm, it’s a consistency I’m used to and really like. A little goes a long way with these balms, and there is something extremely satisfying about seeing the oils break your make up down (often leaving me looking very joker-esque). Compared to the silky cleansing oil from the body shop’s range, the solid balm feels more effective, simply because you can see the stages of it working and it causes less of a mess. Saying that I’d happily have them both on rotation on my skincare top shelf for the time being.

Now my cleansing routine is sorted for the time being, it’s only right to move on to the next stage of the whole (beautifully addictive) ordeal. To tone or not to tone…?