The Colourful Trend of the Summer

If you ask me, colourful interiors absolutely rule the spring and summer months. This year more than ever am I seeing so many pops of colour cropping up. Embracing a range of hues and incorporating them into your home is trending like no other. Today I’m bringing you a post completely focused on the ‘pop of colour’ interior trend, as part of the Blinds-Hut summer interiors campaign.

Whether you’re a fan of big, bold, bright colours or more muted tones, you can believe that there’s a way to style your new favourite (colourful) piece into your home.

Although we all want to be outdoors when the sky is blue and the sun is out, I feel it’s still important to take time and consider our interiors (but it does feel cosier on a rainy summer’s day, doesn’t it?). Spending days in the sun and enjoying days out is all well and good, but what about when we come home at night and feel uninspired by our surroundings? Arguably there are more important things, but if you work from home or are a general homebody like me, then switching up your interiors for summer makes all the difference.

Photo-19-05-2017-13-42-13 The Colourful Trend of the Summer

I’m a strong believer that colour makes us feel things. Depending on the space and how it’s used, colour can make or break our ideas of productivity or hopes of a restful sleep. Lately, I’ve been mad for yellow, pinks and greens (all very evident from my photography). These are all very summery colours, but there’s a way to incorporate whatever colour you like… listen up and you might just learn how.

Without further ado, here I am sharing how I, personally, jumped back into colour this year, including some step-by-step tips of how you can too ignite your love affair with colour.

How To Start Playing With Colour

If you’ve been convinced to jump over from your monochrome ways and sprinkle some colour into your life, then you might be wondering where to start. Even if you’ve never been opposed to colour, when facing up to the task of actually using it considerably, it’s easy to feel daunted.

Thankfully, starting out with a blank canvas is the best way to start (great news for all you all-white-everything fans).

When I was first getting into interiors a few years ago, I wanted everything to be white or neutral. In hindsight, I can tell that this was my own way of cleansing my interior colour palette so that when I wanted to jump back in with colour, I wasn’t working against myself.

Don’t paint all your walls a vibrant shade initially. Enjoy the base you’ve created and start to build more colourful sections into the room.

When building these sections (like areas of storage, entertainment or display) work on the principal of dark to light (and ceiling to floor). Whilst a heavy sweep of colour can look amazing half way up the wall, it makes the rest of the room harder to compliment later on. Keep bigger and bolder pieces closer to the floor.

A great example is this yellow chair (from Ikea). It’s chunky and takes up space but doesn’t take over the corner of the room. We decided to keep the storage space behind it relatively neutral still – this keeps your eye on the chair and doesn’t cause the height of the storage to impose.

If you’re still feeling a little shy about introducing colour into a neutral room, try sticking with tonal shades.

Pick a colour you love and style the rest of the room with tonal pieces from your original colour. Mixing it up with muted and bright tones is the fast track to an effortlessly styled space. With our yellow chair as an example, it proves just how clean, minimal and bright space can become with the right injection of colour.

Sometimes a range of contrasting colours can’t be helped (or is just what you fancy!), in these situations breaking the colour up with print and pattern is my favourite way to keep bright colours from looking overcrowded and too busy.

On my pink bedroom chair (pictured below and yes, I’m in a chair mood today) I’ve added a jazzy blanket which not only softens this corner of the room but also draws your eye away from the empty (and still in progress) blank space behind. Even displaying the cheese plant in shot changes the texture of the space. The leaves are smooth and shiny, keeping my bedroom looking modern and less like a room full of heavily textured fabric.

In terms of introducing colour into your interior space, I can assure you that these are my best (and personally tested) tips. Whether you’re new to colour and want to start slow and small, or if you just wanted a few fresh ideas to add to your already insanely colourful space, I hope that lightbulb dinged in your head at some point. Colour is something that can feel daunting (like, what if you pick the wrong one!?), but I’m so happy to share my own experiences and advice with you.

Photo-19-05-2017-14-09-16 The Colourful Trend of the Summer

How are you going to introduce a pop of colour into your space?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about this post (my first interior-focus in a while!), and don’t forget to connect with me on social media to stay up-to-date with the rest of BKY.

Now, let’s go get colourful!