The Cult First Cleanse

01 The Cult First Cleanse

All hail one of the (most, if the the most) famous product of this crazy beauty world we all seem to live in. It’s had its ups and downs, it’s been treated like marmite and some have even gone to extreme lengths to find it (well… eBay). Admittedly I bought into its massive hype around a year ago, when it became available of Feel Unique and Escentual, and we’ve had quite a rocky ride.

Originally I was using the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (bit of a mouthful) as my only cleanser, I know a skincare sin, no wonder I found my skin disagreeing with it, breaking out, and developing dry patches… I found the error of my ways and started using it solely to remove heavy eye and face make up before a soothing oil balm cleanse. My poor old skin much preferred this method; true to its name it’s not at all irritating to use and works well with sensitive and redness prone skin (although I still don’t recommend getting it in your eyes!).

Sure, Bioderma is what most people jump to when you say micellar water, but with more and more alternatives popping up here and there, it’s got a task on its hands, and quite a name to uphold. As much as I enjoy using it (nearly finished my second bottle – eek!) I’m looking forward to giving its competition a go – such is the beauty world, nothing seems to stick around for too long…

What are your favourite micellar waters? Or is Bioderma your top dog too? Give me some suggestions down below for my next skincare shop!


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