The #essiebuttoneffect

essiebuttoneffect03 The #essiebuttoneffectessiebuttoneffect02 The #essiebuttoneffect essiebuttoneffect011 The #essiebuttoneffect essiebuttoneffect1 The #essiebuttoneffectMaybelline The Rocket Mascara / Essie Lovie Dovie / Chloe Deodorant / The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

 You don’t have to be massively clued up in this crazy blogging world to have stumbled upon the hashtag #essiebuttoneffect. Most prominent after vlogger and blogger Estée, or Essie Button posts a new blog or uploads a new video. There are usually a few bloggers whose tastes seems to coincide perfectly with your own, for me Estée is one of those bloggers. From the look of her amazingly warm and ever expanding readers I’m not the only one who is put under some sort of spell when watching her (in awe, if that isn’t obvious already). Somewhere along the line (of countless blog reading, and obsessive re-watching of the YouTube beauty gurus) some purchases have been much more heavily influenced than others, a pattern that has merged is that whatever Estée seems to be talking about, are the same products falling into my shopping basket (oops!).

Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof mascara: Since summer rolled around I’ve felt the need to trade up to a waterproof mascara. They don’t melt off in the heat, have better lasting power and hold that curl all day long. Although the brush on this mascara is a little chunky for my liking, the formula is a winner, my eyelashes are looking voluminous and curled all day long!
Essie ‘Lovie Dovie’: A recent influence is this gorgeous muted baby pink which graced my hands for a solid two weeks when I first got it. I didn’t realise that there was a hole in my Essie shade range for this colour, but now I have it I don’t know how I ever managed without. A real cute and girly shade, perfect for these shortening summer days.
Chloé Perfumed Deodorant: If this doesn’t fit the bill of most unnecessary beauty product then I’m not sure what would. Obviously I love the original Chloé fragrance and I love (not sure if that’s the right word…) deodorant, but this product is neither. It’s perfect to carry in your handbag for top ups (of perfume OR deodorant), and although I wouldn’t let it do the whole job, the adorable packaging and luxury feel make it a staple for my bag any day.
The Body Shop Honey Bronzer: An Essie Button legend comes in the form of this matte bronzer. I have the shade 01 and even throughout the summer (surprisingly I’ve caught a few rays this year…) it gives a lovely glow with light application, with a slight contoured effect with more precise use; either way I love using this bronzer for lighter make-up days, it doesn’t feel cakey of too powdery on the skin and lasts well, thanks for this one Estée!

Of course, if money was no thing then this list would be a lot longer, but Estée’s adoration of these products in particular were spot on. I’m looking forward to her upcoming videos and blog posts, no doubt there will be some more inspiration for my shopping list! What have you been inspired to buy from Essie Button? Let me know!