Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

beauty-010 Jouer Matte Moisture Tint
beauty-011 Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

Blind buying make up doesn’t often pay off – but in some situations, there is little choice (timed well with a lack of patience).

In search of a lighter feeling coverage, I (unsurprisingly) turned to a blogger favourite – Jouer’s Matte Moisture Tint. Having had samples of both the matte and luminous tints, I settled on the fact that the fine line between glowy and greasy is a hard one to get right (And I haven’t been getting it right…). Naturally I went for the lightest shade available – Porcelain – which straight out of the tube still looks surprisingly dark (and unnervingly orange). However, when buffed it seamlessly sits on the skin, without a foundation line, or orange patch in sight.

Applied with a duo-fibre brush (MAC 187 if you’re interested), I stipple it in and then lightly blend over the entire face. The surprisingly medium coverage gives a flawless complexion when paired with a little concealer where needed (hello – dark circles). The lasting power of this is another pleasant surprise, nicely lasting the entire working day without sliding off my face, or worse, clinging to any dry patches and leaving my face looking far from flawless.

Looking back, I am very happy that this beauty was included in my (slightly frivolous) Cult Beauty order – it’s one of the best high end base products I’ve invested in. Have you blind bought anything that has paid off?