The Lush Basket

001-copy The Lush Basket 002-copy The Lush Basket 003-copy The Lush Basket 005-copy The Lush Basket 006-copy The Lush BasketBeing a Lush obsessed woman can make life a little difficult at times, most of you will probably share the feeling deep down inside of just needing it all. Realistically, actually having it all would be a) a little over budget and b) a heck of a lot of baths to have (though I’m getting there, believe me). Over the past few months, I’ve found that showing a little restraint can actually make purchases more exciting and sought after.

After finally meeting the Christmas and Halloween range in my local store I induldged in a few goodies. Soaps from Lush never used to be very high on my agenda, it must have been because I hadn’t found the right one… because recently I’ve fallen in love with both Yog Nog, and Reindeer Rock. Very festive and seasonal scents, but hey, it’s officially that time of year, the countdown to Christmas is on and these are helping the darkening days along very nicely.

Candy Mountation has been a favourite of mine for a few years now, sweet smelling (like Snow Fairy), very bubbly and relaxing – pretty much everything you could ask for. Also pictured is also what’s left of the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, very soothing and seasonal, and half a fireworks night bath bomb, I obviously liked it so much I couldn’t wait to use it (always the case), it pops a little when it fizzes, and is a beautiful yellow, orange and gold colour.

Have you tried and tested much of the new Lush range?