The New Hashtags On The (Instagram) Block

Following hashtags is fast becoming my new favourite thing to do on Instagram. The new feature of following your favourite hashtags was introduced at the end of last year, and it’s allowing us all to really explore what Instagram has to offer, keep tabs on trends and movements that inspire us all whilst discovering new accounts.

Since following hashtags has been introduced I’ve found myself interacting with more Instagram content, which is something that, admittedly, I would always skimp on. Even though most of the accounts I follow are handpicked, we all post such a range of images that not everything one person posts will be our cup of tea. Following a hashtag that you know encapsulates a feeling or visual theme that you love is seriously changing the game.

I feel a little bit like making this shift towards following more hashtags as well as my favourite go-to bloggers, will mean that that love-to-hate habit I have will subside a little bit. I think following hashtags is also going to get rid of that mindless scrolling we all do. Let’s be honest we scroll because we’re trying to get to the good stuff, right? Well, following more collections of fabulous content that’s in the realms of our interest means less mindless scrolling and more engagement with each and every picture we see. Can’t be bad, right?

Thankfully, not everyone I follow on Instagram is as late to the party as me and a few fantastic gals have jumped on the hashtag game and created their own hashtags to follow and contribute to.

Photo-22-02-2018-17-38-04 The New Hashtags On The (Instagram) Block


This hashtag is all about posting your day-to-day life. You know, the life that’s full up of average moments and doesn’t have any of that social media polishing involved. Natalie started this hashtag up a week or so ago and I’m really enjoying the content that it’s churning up. It’s mostly quiet and defence images that really capture the downtime we all find time for in our busy days.


Created by Jemma at Dorkface blog, this hashtag is all about the happy. Jemma created this to help us all with the dwindling intersection on Instagram and to spread some cheer amongst bloggers and ‘grammers. This hashtag is colourful. Not only is is colourful, but it is storming the hashtag world and so many bloggers and the like are getting involved. It’s perfect for browsing in the morning or when you’re in need of a hit of inspiration.


I mean, what this hashtag is all about is pretty obvious, right? People showcasing life and style but not just their polished blog outfit photos or the 4-hour flat-lay. Nah, this hashtag is about the real stuff. Real candids showing off that new jumper, a half-drunk cup of tea next to your copy of heat magazine (we all need a bit of trash) or just a snap of your bedroom before the 2-hour tidy-a-thon. Vix does regular round-ups of some of the hashtag’s best over on her stories, so keep an eye out for the cream of the crop.


Created by Katy Belle, #selflovestills is for celebrating self-love through visuals. Apart from its clear genius, this hashtag is something that personally I need so much right now. I love the openness of it and there are already some beautiful portraits and compositions under the hashtag – real honesty about the crazy journey of self-love. I can’t wait to create some more portraits that really encapsulate this hashtag.


Honestly, I’m not 100% sure of this hashtag’s origin, but I’ve seen it coined by plus size travel blogger, Kirsty Leanne, for a while. This hashtag presents posts that cover travel and lifestyle content. Whether you’re on a day trip, a holiday or an exploration around the world, sharing your snap with this hashtag will help you connect with other grammers and bloggers on the go. I’ve also seen the hashtag used when chatting about what people are doing right now which is definitely putting the insta back into Instagram.

Do you follow any hashtags on Instagram? I’d love to hear about any hashtags that you’re loving, or if you didn’t even realise that you could follow hashtags, then let me know your thoughts on it. Into it?

The other obvious question in the room is the, ‘do we all need to create hashtags now?’. Since creating and regularly using a hashtag can encourage more people to see your photos, it can be tempting, but for now, I’m enjoying other people’s hashtag collections and if an idea strikes, it strikes.

Would you create your own Instagram hashtag?

Until next time,