The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

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As promised in my Spring Lipstick Wardrobe I have finally gotten around to a more in-depth review of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

What started as a late-night boredom and anxiety induced purchase has turned into a brilliant discovery of a hard-working budget beauty product. After at least an hour (yeah, I know…) of scrolling through swatches on google images and reading reviews on brilliant and trustworthy beauty blogs, I added some shades (02 and 05) to my Boots online basket (thinking purely of the points).

At £5.50 a pop my total was £11, and I realised to myself that most of my favourite lipsticks have been from the higher end of the beauty spectrum. The likes of Charlotte Tilbury, NARS and Mac really couldn’t be compared to NYX… Right?

A few days passed and I trotted off down to Boots to collect my order. It was one of those times where I literally could not wait to get home and put them on my face(!) – I’m sure that’s an urge a lot of us struggle with when it comes to new make-up.

BEAUTY-nyx-soft-matte-reviews-1-of-2 The NYX Soft Matte Lip CreamsBEAUTY-nyx-soft-matte-reviews-2-of-2 The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Stockholm (02) and Antwerp (05) are my shades, and despite initially being convinced that Antwerp had been sent by mistake (it’s a heck-of-a-lot pinker than any swatches I saw) I love them both very much. The liquid lipsticks are full of pigment and do a top job at applying (and staying) opaque on the lips.

Stockholm (02) is a pinky-nude (think Velvet Teddy but pinkier) that is easy-to-wear with minimal make up and full made-up glam. Its comfort on the lips means it’s easily becoming my go-to nude.

Antwerp (05) is equally as comfortable to wear as they do not dry down to a stiff matte; the matte formula remains rather creamy on the lips without slipping around. This shade was a lot brighter than I expected, and honestly if I hadn’t dyed my hair blonder lately (you can check that out, here) it really wouldn’t have suited me.

They both smell glorious – like vanilla cupcakes and buttercream. This doesn’t agitate me at all (it just makes me hungry) but it is still pretty pungent after an hour or so on the lips – bear this in mind if you’re sensitive to strong smells (or hate feeling hungry all the time).

Admittedly, there have been occasions where I have caved and indulged in a tasty piece of cake and this wasn’t a great idea whilst wearing these liquid lipsticks…

Due to their creamy (but still matte – it’s hard to explain) state on the lips, they do not hold their ground against messier food – think cake, burgers, ice creams. Although they aren’t trouble to re-apply or top up, I have avoided wearing these when I know I’m going to eat something – mostly because I’m afraid of sitting at a meal with half-painted lips. They need reapplying almost immediately.

If you can resist from snacking (I know, it’s hard) the lip creams last around 2-3 hours on me before needing a top-up. Taking into consideration that I’m quite messy with lipstick usually, it’s a pretty acceptable wear-time for most people, and for such a comfortable feeling lipstick it’s hard not to care about topping up now and then.

Now you’re probably wondering if I’m going to run out and buy a tonne more colours, aren’t you? I mean when I get the chance, of course I will. These are great lipsticks at an unbelievable price point – if you’re into lipstick and haven’t tried them (probably no-one – I know I’m always late) you really need to pick a shade up. Take it from me, you won’t regret it (but take online swatches with a pinch of salt).

The only think I can wish for now is a local NYX stand. I would fund them quite well if their whole range works as hard as these soft matte lip creams!

Are you a fan of this line from NYX? If you’re quite the lipstick connoisseur why not let me know what other great budget lipstick options are out there!

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