The Podcasts That Get Me Going on a Monday Morning

Yawn, Monday again… That’s what I used to say anyway. I mean, I’m not saying that as if I’m on the other side of some long, spiritual journey – it’s much simpler than that.

In the last few months, I feel as if I’ve actually been trying at the things I want to do. Whilst in the past I would pretend to try for a week and then give up, retreating back into my comfort zone which looks a lot like beans on toast under a blanket at 1 pm on a Monday, the last 6 weeks have seen me put my all into getting things off the ground.

There have been many factors in my sudden burst of self-drive – there always is – but I would be lying to myself if I didn’t admit that a few certain podcasts have made a huge difference to my mindset of late.

If I’m struggling to get started on a project, I pop on a podcast. Instead of listening to music when I’m working, I stick on a podcast, knowing it will help my subconscious mind stay on the right track. On a down day, as in a day where I feel like nothing is working and my efforts are being wasted, I seem to always find something in a podcast that lightens the weight on my shoulders.

The right podcasts at the right time are pure magic.

So, since it’s Monday and it can be hard to get excited and motivated for the week when you’re running on a bad night’s sleep and a mini hangover from yesterdays boozy brunch, I thought it would be nice for me to share 3 absolutely marvellous podcasts that never fail to get me going on a Monday morning.

Whether I’m working on the biz (I run a little Etsy shop if you didn’t know), the blog (definitely needs some more work these days) or figuring out a way to pay my bills, these podcasts really help me believe that I can do it.

If you struggle to get going on a Monday morning (or on any morning at all) then honestly, give these guys a listen ASAP.

Photo-26-03-2018-09-09-31 The Podcasts That Get Me Going on a Monday Morning

The Creative Leap

The freshest podcast of the three, The Creative Leap, is hosted by creative designer, Cat, and is about taking the leap to create a career out of hobbies you love. Cat has interviewed some creative women who I truly admire, and hearing the stories of how they got to where they are, and how it maybe wasn’t as glamorous as success is pinned to be, captivates me.

Although I’m a big fan of cold, hard give me the tips kind of podcasts, these long-form conversations and origin stories are so motivating and eye-opening in their own ways.

Even just realising that everyone has off days and different ideas of success has been a major game changer to my mindset. It’s one thing to assume that creative people have equally creative journeys, but it’s another thing to hear someone’s completely unique perspective on their transition from hobby to career, and how – most of the time – it’s never exactly how we first imagine.

Along with the wonderful stories, Cat and her guests also share some fantastic advice about taking the leap from hobby to career – much of which I scribble down as soon as I hear it because it’s gold baby, solid gold.

Make It Happen

Jen Carrington’s Make It Happen podcast has just kicked off its 6th series, and I’m so thankful that I have 5 whole series to get stuck into (i.e. binge on until I feel invincible). I stumbled upon this podcast a few weeks back when Jen was a guest on The Creative Leap podcast above. Instantly, I fell in love with the sheer diversity of the podcast.

From mini-episodes about finding your creative focus to long, detailed chats with pioneering women online, the heart of the Make It Happen podcast is creativity – and I’m into it.

Above anything else, I know I’m a creative person. Most of us are, to be honest, and therefore most of us need to listen to Jen’s podcast. Her way with words makes the most overused phrases and sayings feel profound, and that topical range means that if I’m feeling low about my creative pursuits, or confidently sky high, there is an episode that I can draw value from.

The One Girl Band Podcast

Lola Hoad’s One Girl Band podcast is the cure for any creative panic and fretting you may be prone to. As soon as Lola introduces the podcast a wave of calm instantly hits me. Not only is the tone of her voice super calming, but she is so relaxed in the way she talks about big topics, that it makes it feel as if they’re not such big things to get het up about after all.

One thing I love about the OGB podcast is the solo episodes Lola often creates. As much as I love a chatty interview with an inspiring creative, sometimes the tough-love motivation of solid advice is what I need to break through my mental block.

The latest episode, 030 Overcoming Common Creative Fears, really gave me some insight into why I have the fears I have, but also taught me that, “shit, everyone is scared of this stuff, because it’s scary”. Failing is scary, having no money to pay your bills is scary and just because it’s enough to make you want to run and hide, it doesn’t mean we get to.

I have these little epiphanies everytime I tune in to the OGB podcast, and they always give me enough of a kick up the mindset to feel capable – which is kind of what we need to feel most of all.

Do you pop on a podcast when your Monday is slow? Or do you never have a tough Monday because you’ve always got a smashing podcast on the go?

Let me know your favourite podcasts in the comments below.

Until next time,