The Summerhouse Renovation

PORTRAIT-FEATURE-summerhouse-renovation The Summerhouse Renovation

Way back in March I stumbled into my Mum’s (increasingly un-used) summerhouse, probably looking for some cello tape or something like a ruler. At that exact moment a wave of inspiration hit me and I literally stood in the larger-than-everyone-thinks space in slight awe of my genius plan (this is how overly dramatic my plans are).

Instead of letting the un-used and cluttered space go to waste, I visualised a streamlined version of the office/creative space, suitable for myself and my needs. I suggested the idea of re-decorating and re-inventing the space to my Mum (owner of the summerhouse in question) and she was (eventually) supportive and interested in what I had planned.

Since this was a fairly big project (for me anyway) I’ll be doing several more posts on how I did certain things, explain the interior and exterior work I’ve done. It’s at this point that I’m thinking renovation was perhaps the wrong word – think of more a deep clean, redesign and re-decoration (see, just saying renovation is a lot easier).

Today I’m showing you a few corners of the Summerhouse – one I’m fairly happy with and have worked out well design/decoration wise. There’s still some shelf styling to go (I’ve bookmarked Kate La Vie’s entire repertoire of interior and shelf styling tips – don’t you worry) and some storage to find, but no doubt I will keep you updated as I go.

Starting with The Wall. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (which you should…) you’ve probably seen my desk set up against this stunning geometric feature wall. I designed and painted this wall all by myself (I’m pretty proud of myself to be honest) and I’m planning a whole post on the process I went through – if you’re interested stay tuned for that in the next week!

interiors-summerhouse-renovation-4-of-5 The Summerhouse Renovation interiors-summerhouse-renovation-5-of-5 The Summerhouse Renovation

The wall really brightens up the room and makes use of its generous height, whilst being a source of inspiration for me as I sit and blog at my desk. Speaking of that desk, it’s from John Lewis (still available, here) and although a little wobbly at times (nothing is perfect I guess) it keeps the wall open and airy, matching the natural wood grain to my Eames imitation chair (eBay) and the rest of the room whilst the white ties into my set of selves across the room…

The shelves are from IKEA and used to reside in my bedroom and nothing but clutter shelves. Although they need styling a little more, I’m enjoying keeping catalogues and pretty colouring books on here currently, and my plans are to find some fitting box files to keep bits and bobs paperwork in (which currently move around the room to stay out of blog photos).

After no more than a week after the decorating and the furniture moving (way back in March) I decided I needed somewhere comfy to sit from time to time (or all the time). We had this sparsely used IKEA (we love IKEA) chaise lounge sitting in the attic and decided it would do the job. It’s super comfy – though a little short for full on naps – and I’m considering making some extra cushion covers for it, since I’m not super into the green. If I get my butt into gear maybe a nice palm leaf print for the summer…

interiors-summerhouse-renovation-1-of-5 The Summerhouse Renovation interiors-summerhouse-renovation-2-of-5 The Summerhouse Renovation interiors-summerhouse-renovation-3-of-5 The Summerhouse Renovation

Finally I installed my home-made (garden wire sprayed copper) memo grid next to the chaise, where I pin up pretty cards, prints and my beloved Rifle Paper Co. Calendar – the pink card for May is one-hundred percent my favourite so far. I’m considering writing a little DIY up of making the memo board – if you would like to see it please let me know! I’m unsure if it is too simple and obvious – but it was ten times cheaper than buying one from Urban Outfitters

I’m going to ask the question – what do you think?

There are still some things to do before I show other parts of the room, but I am excited to share its journey so far! Let me know what you think I could add to my little space – also please share something about your blogging/creative space!

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Thanks for reading!