The (Healthy) Sunday Bake

I have completely fallen for the baking way of life. I’ve developed a strange affection towards new cookbooks (even if I never quite get around to reading all the recipes… whoops) and I commit to hours upon hours per week pinning pretty bakeware on Pinterest.

There was even a point in the last few months where my family suggested I stop making cakes for a while, simply because it was too much for everyone to get through (at a healthy pace). Since then I’ve tried to curb the craving of baking a million cakes and one billion cupcakes into a healthier habit.

One of my favourite blogs for healthier (but still delicious) recipes has been Cookie + Kate – a vegetarian and whole food blog that makes me want to drool every time a new recipe is uploaded. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to pretty soon – even if you’re not a self-proclaimed baker, Kate makes the recipes tasty, fun and easy to follow.

Both my bakes today are from the Cookie + Kate blog – they are two that are so yummy and straight forward to make that I’ve already made seconds (and had seconds… and thirds).

Pecan and Pumpkin Seed Granola

It turns out that making granola is ridiculously easy! Seriously, if I’d known how simple it was I would’ve started years ago. I love granola because it makes breakfast quick and easy, working well with yoghurt, oatmeal or just milk. This recipe is great since it’s a stripped down version that allows you to add bits and bobs you’d like – I went for pecans and pumpkin seeds, usually adding a handful of fresh fruit on top at the time of munching.

the-sunday-bake-granola The (Healthy) Sunday Bake the-sunday-bake-granola-01 The (Healthy) Sunday Bake the-sunday-bake-granola-02 The (Healthy) Sunday Bake the-sunday-bake-granola-03 The (Healthy) Sunday Bake the-sunday-bake-granola-04 The (Healthy) Sunday Bake

Cookie + Kate – Healthy Granola recipe

Maple Sweetened Banana Muffins

I don’t know about you but when I saw this recipe I rejoiced that muffins no longer had to include a post-devouring guilt trip. Kate’s recipe uses banana and maple syrup to sweeten the muffins up, which is never going to get a complaint from me. These taste great with a dab of butter on, working well for an on-the-go breakfast or a mid-morning snack.

the-sunday-bake-muffins The (Healthy) Sunday Bake the-sunday-bake-muffins-01 The (Healthy) Sunday Bake the-sunday-bake-muffins-02 The (Healthy) Sunday Bake the-sunday-bake-muffins-03 The (Healthy) Sunday Bake

Cookie + Kate – Healthy Banana Muffins recipe

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of my baking favourites – have you been inspired to get the apron on today and rustle up some tasty (and not-so-naughty) treats?

Let me know what your recipe favourites are right now!