The Sunday Fragrance

beauty-008 The Sunday Fragrance
beauty-007 The Sunday Fragrance

Now and again I fall back in love with perfume. Not particularly the ones I own (I love them all, all the time), but the idea behind them all. One hundred people could wear the same frangrance and to each one of them it will mean something different. Perfumes take you back to a time, place or event, and for myself, some of these moments and snippets of life being brought back by that familiar scent make them priceless.

In Copenhagen, at the start of last month, on an obligatory stroll through Magasin Du Nord (feeling so cultural and cool I might add), I spied a small tower stand of Maison Martin Margiela perfumes. Having faint memories of various bloggers falling for paticular scents in the REPLICA range, so naturally I tried them all. With Beach Walk on my right wrist and Lazy Sunday Morning on my left I continued my weekend and didn’t think much of it.

The scent that grew on me most was that on my left wrist. By the end of my long weekend, there was still a hint of it on my coat, and I made the decision that it deserved to come home with me. Now this soft, floral and musky fragrance sits on my dresser and constantly reminds me of the weekend I bought it. I can only hope it continues to do so.

Do you have a frangrance that instantly takes you back somewhere?