The Way to Exfoliate

acid The Way to Exfoliate

There was once a time where I was ignorant of any exfoliators not of the grainy, beaded type, and on reflection those were some dark days. Using my first chemical exfoliator around a year ago breathed fresh air into my skincare routine, and frankly, gave my skin some hope. Although everyone’s skin is different, having troublesome teenage skin myself (read: dry, blemish-prone, oily t-zones, uneven skin tone…) meant that using more of these kind of exfoliators has helped keep spots at bay, even out scarring and abolish dry, flakey patches, so although they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is probably one out there to suit you perfectly.

My first experience of chemical exfoliators, and recently re-purchased, is from Clarins. Their Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is quite creamy, soothing and (as it says on the tin) gentle. I tend to use this in the mornings, after cleansing, soaked on a cotton pad, taking it all over the face (including around the eyes) and down the neck. It’s slightly tingly but doesn’t sting at all, and although it takes a few minutes to dry, it sits really nicely under serums and moisturisers. Onto my second bottle of this, I’ve found that the bottle doesn’t last as long as I’d expect (look at me and my high expectations) but there’s no doubt I’ll pop this in my basket again when I run out.

The First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads are a new discovery for me; after a binge watch of Caroline Hirons’ YouTube channel (I’d massively suggest it for real talk about beauty without flurries of ‘fads’ and ‘paid advertorials’) these seem to be highly rated by the skincare goddess, meaning that I needed them in my life, ASAP. The pre-soaked pads are textured and sturdy enough to be swiped across the face a couple of times each evening, still in the gentle range of exfoliators, they’re perfect for everyday use and leave me waking up in the morning with super soft, smooth skin. Being affordable and easy to get hold of (hello, FeelUnique) there’s not many reasons not to give these a go if you’re in the market for some great exfoliating action.

Do do you use chemical exfoliators? (As scary as they sound!)