The Wonderful Everyday (+ Mini Haul)

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (which hey, you probably should be…), then you’ll know that I spent yesterday at the mothership that is Ikea. From a few replies I got on my tweets (where I was unashamedly gushing about how much I love Ikea and want to live in the warehouses) I got the idea that basically everyone loves Ikea too, and rightly so!

There’s not much more satisfying than wandering around the showrooms and pretending you too live in a cleanly designed haven of fluffy sheets and drawer dividers. That is until you reach the kitchen sections and prance around pressing all of the soft close cupboards open to revel in the joys of a fake bottle of wine or a tabletop full of pretty (and pretty affordable) crockery that you just need to be eating your own toast and jam off of.

Yes, I love Ikea.

In the past, I deemed it a place full of white (easily damaged) furniture, but as I’ve grown with it I see so much more innovation and designs that aren’t simply cookie cutter. Yes, a trip to Ikea isn’t just a shopping trip for me, it’s also an inspirational brainstorming session (and meatballs). I leave every visit full of new interior design ideas, ranging from simply finding a dreamy sofa to put in my one-day lounge, to really creative ideas for one-off DIY projects.

Yesterday was no different.

Photo-10-03-2017-11-17-59 The Wonderful Everyday (+ Mini Haul)

As we wandered the aisles, picking up the Ikea basics like candles, plant pots and cushion inners (which are incredible at only £4 FYI), we tested around 3839 chairs and rated their levels of comfort, felt ideas spark and whiz around our minds and left with a range of things that the household will definitely thank us for.

If you’re heading to your local Ikea soon, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you pick up some of these absolute budget babes, that you’d be a fool to miss out on…

LUGGA Candles

These fairly new, lidded, scented candles make my heart skip a little beat if I’m honest. During the festive period, my boyfriend picked up the Limited Edition Gingerbread one, which had lasted ages and kicks the warm scent across the room still. I picked up the vanilla frosting scented one, and a mini garden scented one. Thanks to the clean packaging (and very easily removed stickers) both look so elegant and simple sitting on my desk.

SOCKER Plant Pots

You may remember the SOCKER pots being just that very metal looking metal plant pot (look at me an Ikea historian), now they have evolved into a beautifully colourful range of different sized pots and bucket for all things plants and storage. I love the mint green and the bright orange, as well as the cute smaller pots, which will make a great make-up brush holder and pen pot.

FJÄDRAR Cushions

If you’d had told me a month ago that I could improve my cushion fluffiness by ten-thousand percent for only £4, then I wouldn’t have wasted any more time with my subpar cushions! These feather cushion inserts get so fluffy and puffy out of their tightly wrapped packaging and are completely worth the investment. I’ll definitely be having a cushion on almost everything pretty soon and you betcha they’ll be comfy.

SOMMAR 2017 Dining

They come in a minty green, a dusky pink and a pale grey shade, with a range of different sizes. I’d happily kit out my whole dining set-up with this cute patterned design, especially with the complementary colour scheme they’ve got going. The SOMMAR 2017 range had some real gems in it overall, including some jazzy rugs, vases and the cutest little lanterns for summer evenings in the garden. Need to return before summer!

I hope to be heading back to Ikea within a few months, with hopefully some bigger purchases on the agenda. For now, I’ll be finishing my Julmust drink and making use of all the wonderful bits I was fortunate enough to pick up.

What’s your favourite part of an Ikea trip? The assembling of the new flat-pack furniture, the hoarding of all the little bits and bobs or the meatballs? Let’s face it… it’s probably the meatballs, right?

Sending easy-assembled Swedish thoughts your way,