Let’s Talk Transitional Wardrobes + A Wishlist

Although it’s still chilly outside, I’m about ready to wave goodbye to my bulky coat and uniform of jumpers and plain black jeans. The time for investment in winter wardrobes is over and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all got our eyes firmly on the changing seasons ahead.

I don’t show much of my fashion and style but that’s simply because I don’t dress how I would like. I buy pieces I love every now and then, but in all honesty, a complete wardrobe overhaul is probably in order for me to feel happy branching out into fashion blogging. You know, possible one day when I’m on a steady income (read about my job-hunt, here).

So, after collating a pretty dreamy wishlist, I figured I’d share it with you. I love reading wishlist posts lately, it saves so much time and when you find a blogger or influencer with a similar style to yours, the effort of getting dressed seems to be halved automatically!

Photo-10-02-2017-14-03-54 Let's Talk Transitional Wardrobes + A Wishlist

Dark emerald green has really been on my radar lately (which really only makes me want to get my hair highlighted again), as has a more tailored and clean cut silhouette. I’ve seen so many plus size bloggers wearing the oversized minimal trend and pulling it off fabulously, however, I’m learning that more fitted pieces help me look and feel my best. Even things like wearing a shorter or more shapely coat (like the aviator jacket and that Hannah Gale inspired pink coat included) make me feel less bulky and less like I’m hiding under my style.

Slogan tops are also high on my list of must-have items, which is no surprise since they seem to be everywhere right now. The Whistles offerings are always sublime, but this River Island Merci Beaucoup shirt is much more likely, (plus I wouldn’t be that sad about spilling beans down it daily).

On the shoe front, I cannot wait to get back into sandals again! Perhaps they’re not the most practical, but as a hater of socks, they’re the ones for me. This Wide Fit red suede-look pair from ASOS may just be my sandal of 2017 (super affordable too!). Come springtime, I’ll also be on the look out for some more trainers. I’ve been loving my current suede Gola pair, but can’t wait to add some pops of colour into my wardrobe via a comfy, stylish shoe.

Although I may be getting ahead of myself with some of these pieces (that’s you gingham dress), I can’t help but get excited over the prospect of summer picnics and drinking mocktails while the sun sets, all without a bulky coat, hat and several scarves on…

I’d love to hear what pieces you’re lusting over. Are you looking forward to the milder weather as much as me?

Let me know in the comments which of my picks you’d also snap up, and link me up to any of your current wishlist posts! Keep up to date with my wardrobe shenanigans on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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