Valentine’s Day: Going Out vs. Staying In

valentines-day-stay-in-go-out-04 Valentine's Day: Going Out vs. Staying In

Staying In

A good night-in has a few important elements; the first and most important being loungewear. Without over exaggerating, I feel that pyjama choice is very often a great indicator of how the rest of the cosy evening will go, and I won’t hesitate to admit that some of my best purchases over the last six months have been (almost) novelty pj sets.

Currently my favourite combo is this Topshop ‘Coffee Waffles Pancakes’ nightshirt (similar here and here) with the bottom half of and ASOS set in an out-of-this-world print (they have space on them – get it…?). ASOS have a great range of cute and novelty mix n’ match pj sets; right now I have my eye on this one here (drool). If my tootsies get a little chilly I slip on these dino slippers which I acquired during a dinosaur-heavy period at the end of last year (even saw some real-life dino bones at the Natural History Museum, if you want to see that it’s here).

valentines-day-stay-in-go-out-01 Valentine's Day: Going Out vs. Staying In

Once you’re all cosied up, it’s probably time to crack out some background entertainment. If you’re with your girlfriends I’d suggest turning up a cheesy nineties pop party playlist (which is always appropriate no matter what the occasion), or if you’re after a more subdued evening, pop on some fantastic (and sort-of-romantic-but-sort-of-not) films.

The not overly-gooey or soppy pick is The Great Gatsby – firstly, Leonardo DiCaprio; secondly, a beautifully made films with a beautiful aesthetic; thirdly, a good old classic love story where (kinda spoilers) no-one ends up happier than you (let’s be honest that those films kinda suck…). A more musical option (and rather heart wrenching) is Les Misérables – perfect for belting out some pent up emotions, cathartic and healing if you’re in need of that (after a rollercoaster week I might just sit down and watch this one on my own soon). Finally, Dirty Dancing is a classic – especially on Valentine’s/Galantine’s Day – also it’s the one day of the year your boyfriend might actually watch it with you… (Mine has been exposed to both Sex and the City movies so far… keeper?).

valentines-day-stay-in-go-out Valentine's Day: Going Out vs. Staying In

The last element to a great night-in (apart from wine and chocolate) is some old fashioned entertainment. My boooyyyfriennnndddd and I have a strange affinity for Scrabble and considering we’ve only actually sat down and played thrice we already have plans for a decorative plaque to be awarded to the winner of fifty games (or was is one-hundred…), currently we’re on 2-1.

A less mentally strenuous game to play (which isn’t as gruesome as its name) is Exploding Kittens. A simple and straightforward card game which takes a few minutes to get the hang of. I received this for Christmas and love that it’s not your run-of-the-mill board game, which always helps inject some excitement into a cosy night-in.

Going Out

As great as I’ve made nights in sound, sometimes we just need a night out. Whether it’s an intimate dinner in a quiet restaurant, a catch-up (and gossip) with your closest friends over (at least) several pitchers of cocktails in a ‘spoons, or a full-on high heels, short skirt, shots and bad club dancing (is there any other kind?) sort of night.

If I were going out this Valentine’s Eve (and I mean out-out) I would probably have the evening fall in between dinner and the (several) pitchers of Blue Lagoon (delish). Despite lack of wardrobe options I’d wear this sparkly blue mini skirt from Warehouse with a basic black cami (also from Warehouse…). For an extra bit of sparkle I’d wear these pointy gemstone shoes from ASOS (similar here).

valentines-day-stay-in-go-out-03 Valentine's Day: Going Out vs. Staying In

Whenever I go out (out out) I like to take a reasonable (some would disagree) amount of time deciding on my make-up look. On Valentine’s Day I don’t think I could forgive myself if I didn’t rock a red lip. My two favourites are MAC Russian Red, with Cherry lip liner underneath, or NARS Audacious lipstick in Lana.

Cherry and Russian Red together create a blue-toned red on the deeper side of things, which does not budge one bit. This combo survives cocktails and burgers and even a snog or two (it is Valentine’s Day after all…). Lana from the NARS Audacious range however is a much warmer, orange-red shade which reminds me of spring and summer. You might not think that it’s a particularly romantic shade, but I wore this on my first date with my boyfriend last summer (awwhhhhh) so I’m probably always going to have those lovely butterfly feelings when I wear it from now on – and who doesn’t want that on Valentine’s Day!

Matching lips and nails make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside (like genuinely I love it) and the only true red nail shade I own (I know, shock horror) is Pyrotechnic from the Sephora Formula X nail polish collection. Like I said, it’s a bright true red and really makes a statement if you’re sitting across the table from your date resting your chin in your hand… I mean red does have some pretty feisty subliminal meanings you know…

Probably the most important choice for any occasion is your perfume choice. Your fragrance says a lot about you and can even shape the way the evening goes; something deep and sexy makes you feel mysterious and adventurous, whilst light and floral scents make you feel flirty and playful. My picks for Valentine’s night would be my trusty Molecule 01, mentioned here, here and here (I really love it… ok) or Armani Code, which is a balanced mix of sexiness and playfulness, quite a musky base with powdery and floral notes – lovely.

valentines-day-stay-in-go-out-02 Valentine's Day: Going Out vs. Staying In

Other worthy mentions for a memorable date-night (or for nice group selfies) is fluttery lashes and an on-point (are people still saying that?) highlight. My most recent mascara purchase is the Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, which looks amazing, has brilliant reviews and makes me very excited to try it out ASAP – look out for a review sometime soon!

From brand new to some well-used favourites, my two highlighters never fail to give me an extra glow and sprinkle of sparkle. The Mary-Lou Manizer (firstly, great pun) is a cool toned champagne highlight, great for the colder winter months, whilst Topshop’s highlighter in Sunbeam is warmer and more golden, instantly reminding me of the summer and cocktails on the beach (can you tell I’m fed up of the cold now…).

Are you dreaming of a great night out this weekend, or looking forward to some well-needed R and R? My weekend is going to consist of the latter, with waffles and pancakes – there’s not much beter if you ask me!