Lush Valentine’s Day 2016

Is it really Valentine’s Day without Lush releasing a love inspired limited edition line? I don’t think so. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re loved up or happily single, everyone deserves a little bit of pampering, especially to get through this colder (and generally bluer) time of year. Lush’s range this year included some old favourites revamped, as well as some brand new products that will leave you feeling all lovey-dovey in the tub, and who says feeling lovey-dovey can’t be towards a bar of chocolate and Netflix…

lush-valentines-review-2016-0 Lush Valentine's Day 2016

Prince Charming Shower Cream

Prince Charming is back! This time in Lush’s new favourite form, the shower cream; shower creams are much more vivid in colour (who doesn’t want to lather up and turn momentarily pink?) due to the larger quantities of butter and oils, whilst being more moisturising than the gels which has made me a big fan since dry skin has my one peril this season.

Prince Charming is thicker than some of the other shower creams (I talk about The Comforter and Yuzu & Cocoa, here) and whilst it produces a modest lather on the skin, the fresh and sweet pomegranate and marshmallow blend lingers for hours (although the bright pink does not) lifting your spirits and sparking yet another romance between a woman and a shower product.

lush-valentines-review-2016-03 Lush Valentine's Day 2016lush-valentines-review-2016-04 Lush Valentine's Day 2016

The scent is an unusual one to describe, it’s sweet and fresh with quite a hello-I’m-here punch to it – not for those with delicate noses or scent-induced headaches I will say. If you’re a fan of The Comforter and the Lush Vanillary scent range, I think this could be right up your street. Equally, if you like bright pink shower products that make you feel like you have a sudden spring in your step… this is also for you.

It’s £4.95 for 100g, which is a great little travel or try-me size (or the size you have to buy if you’re bathroom is already rammed with shower products… whoops).

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

Lover Lamp is a completely new product for Valentine’s Day 2016 and it is a white bath bomb with red hearts of cocoa butter scattered throughout it. In the bath this is very active, spinning and fizzing away very quickly, dispersing the buttery hearts across the bath water. The water turns a milky colour and the fresh, cocoa and citrusy scent (I know it seems an unusual mix) fills the room.

lush-valentines-review-2016-01 Lush Valentine's Day 2016lush-valentines-review-2016-06 Lush Valentine's Day 2016 lush-valentines-review-2016-07 Lush Valentine's Day 2016

The red hearts are laced with chunky gold glitter and smell much like chocolate orange to me (the Lush scent Yuzu & Cocoa), they take a little while to dissolve into the bath, although I helped them along by squidging them up (because I’m a child). You are left with some red, glittery residue after the bath has drained, but this was no problem to wash away and definitely wouldn’t deter me from picking up a few more of these before V Day has passed!

Lover Lamp is the type of bath bomb that seems a great introduction to Lush (for the newbies) and a lovely gift for the more hardcore Lush fan in your life. It has a universally loved scent (cocoa, orange, vanilla) and quirky feature (I’m really all about these buttery red hearts) that for me makes it well worth the £3.95 a pop.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Originally I hadn’t planned on picking up the Valentine’s Day favourite, but I was kindly gifted it by a Lush employee at the tills (since I was purchasing quite a lot else…), and after using the Unicorn Horn in my latest bath, I’m very grateful indeed.

Lavender isn’t one of my favourite scents; it’s the sort of scent that can very quickly (and very often) give me a headache, making it far from the relaxing and calming scent that most Lush fans love. In my bath I used a very small amount of the horn, around an inch, which gave me a nice amount of bubbles that lasts the duration of the bath, as well as a very gentle and subtle lavender/neroli mix, which I could handle in its small quantity.

lush-valentines-review-2016-02 Lush Valentine's Day 2016lush-valentines-review-2016-05 Lush Valentine's Day 2016

Admittedly it’s one of the prettier and more exciting looking bubble bars, a spiral of pastel colours dusted with silver lustre, which turns the bath water a pale pink colour – perfect for feeling girly and romantic.

At £4.25 it’s a little cheaper than some Lush bubble bars and well worth a try if you’re not horrifically opposed to Lavender (or bubble baths). I probably won’t rush out to Lush to pick up another, but I’m going to thoroughly enjoy using it until it’s gone, whilst hoping that next year they’ll bring something a little less headache-inducing out…

Kiss a Few Frogs Knot Wrap

Knot-Wraps never appeared on my radar until I gifted my Mother one at Christmas time. Needless to say since she’s caught me ogling it since and to calm her fears of having it mysteriously disappear, I bought myself a pretty and colourful patterned cloth.

Kiss a Few Frogs is about one metre square (which is surprisingly big), and very vivid in colour. In all honesty, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it but £4.50 for a piece of Limited Edition art (yes, I do think its art) was too good to pass up. Eventually I’d love to have a pretty ladder with dozens of knot-wraps tied around – but we’ll see.

If you’re gifting any Lush products for Valentine’s Day (even to yourself – hehe) knot-wraps make a great cherry on top, and the Lush staff know how to make the pretty parcel look intricate and detailed – tying those babies up really is a whole other ball game to wrapping something up with paper…

That’s everything I picked up from the range! There are serval gift sets, Oxford Street Exclusives and a very pretty soap, but none of them sparked my interest enough to be picked up (also I have a lot to get through already when it comes to soap and shower gel…). Everything I’ve talked about will be in Lush stores until Sunday 14th February (or until they sell out…) so I highly recommend you head down to your local, even if just for a sniff!