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After a year of interior madness last year – I’m talking multiple room re-decorations, the start of a true obsession with homewares and moving out (then moving out again) – you won’t be surprised to hear that 2018 isn’t going to be quite as life-changing when it comes to my interiors.

Back at my parent’s house (which I am a-ok with) I only really have two spaces that are completely my own, and although I do plan on educating my family about the styling of shelves and correct colours of cushions, my creative control can only truly happen in my loft bedroom and small dressing room.

Like I’ve said, no major changes are going to be happening. I’m happy with my Missprint Mountains – which you can see here – and investing in new furniture isn’t the priority right now. So what do I want from my interiors this year?

I’m a stickler for a change and newness so leaving them completely be just isn’t an option. Instead of a head-to-toe makeover, I’m going to be focussing on a few specific changes I want to make, and goals that I want to achieve.

Photo-29-01-2018-11-19-35 What Do I Want From My Interiors in 2018? | A Year of Interiors

Colour for colour’s sake

Last year I really fell head over heels for real colour again. Not a measly shade of grey or a pale millennial pink, but real clashing, bright and statement colour.

Walking into a room and being surrounded by gorgeous shades of orange, pink. yellow, green and blue (that obviously all magically work together) is the dream. If I see something that fits the bill and that could be moved from room to room and house to house, then you betcha I’ll be making that colourful investment. I want to be surrounded by colour for colour’s sake.

No more trinkets

Jeez, I am an absolute sucker for bits, bobs and trinkets. I think it’s because those small things never seem like a bad buy. That little tray will look cute in so many places, those vases are adorable and all these tiny photo frames are obviously going to look amazing on the wall. Of course, in reality, I don’t have anywhere near the amount of surface space I need to display all the trinket items, so they clutter up the place in no time.

This year I want to focus on more substantial purchases. Things that, if I really need them, are statements of their own and will have their own place rather than perching on top of something else. Tables, chairs, pieces of furniture, lights and larger pieces of art are all going to serve me better in the long run – so that’s what I’m looking out for.

High-quality materials

After years of being the sucker who buys bedding because it looks cute, I’m finally learning my lesson that high-quality materials are much better in the long run. Even if they’re a little plainer, or more expensive, the difference 100% cotton sheets make to my night’s sleep is incredible. They stay cooler, the wash better and they make me feel a little fancy.

I want to apply this principle to other soft furnishings. Rugs, blankets, cushions and even my wardrobe (although that’s a whole other blog post that you can read here). – they all are worth investing in. After all, who doesn’t want the softest and kindest material on your skin all day and night?

Function over form

The final consideration I’ve had for my interior habits over the next year is to focus on function. Buying things that I know I’ll use and getting rid of those things that I know I won’t not only keeps everything tidy but means I have to really think about what is going to work for my small spaces.

It also means that I’ve been turning away from some items that look amazing, but aren’t worth the hassle of justifying their use and purpose. Getting honest and telling myself that want isn’t always need is high on the agenda this year (omg, this is adulthood).

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If you’ve got any of your own interior resolutions for the year ahead then please let me know in the comments. I can’t wait to chat more about interiors and being part of a group with so many amazing interior bloggers is inspiring to say the least. Come at me 2018!

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