Why Autumn Was Made For Ambiverts

Summer is the season for extroverts, the parties, the barbeques, the seemingly endless sea of people in the streets. In the summer, I feel like everyone is on their way somewhere. Whether it’s to the shops for another bottle of fizz with their friends, or if it’s just a purposeful walk around the block on their lunch break – trying to get in some rays before returning to their air-conditioned office. Winter is a season for introverts – the quiet time, the people you know and love and are familiar with. In winter, people are less forthcoming with a smile as you pass them on the street – their minds are at home and on the central heating and that next cup of perfectly deserved tea.

Autumn, however, is for the ambivert.

Yes, it’s okay for you to roll your eyes at my use of that term. Honestly, I didn’t even realise that is was an actual term until I started my brainstorming for this blog post. The blog post that’s my second challenge for #TheBlogRace – which you should definitely catch up on if you haven’t got the faintest clue what I’m on about. If you hadn’t guessed, the general theme of this challenge is Autumn, but the real challenge began when we were told we weren’t allowed to write a basic-ass Autumn post. Nope, no pumpkin spice hacks or favourite candles over here, this is hard-hitting Autumn blogging. Well, kinda.

autumn-for-ambiverts-portrait Why Autumn Was Made For Ambiverts

Back to the term ambivert. You’re an ambivert if you fall into the camp of sometimes being an introvert but also sometimes being an extrovert.

I’ve always found problems with both of the easily-thrown terms, as in discussion different people tend to place me differently, and I’ve never felt comfortable placing myself at either end indefinitely. See, I value time alone. There’s nothing better than a warm blanket and snuggly spot (uh oh, am I getting too basic?) at the end of the day. Apart from, of course, when there’s nothing better than getting out of the house, chatting and being around people. See my confusion? Thankfully, that’s where this ambivert phrase came in – and that’s also when I realised how this season is perfectly designed for the ambivert.

Think about it. The cooler air makes it easier to stay inside and curl up, ignoring the world with an entire box set in play BUT that buzz of the social summer is still there. It rears its head on bright, sunny but chilly walks. You feel the buzz of chatter in the coffee shop as you dig into that raspberry and almond slice and feel energised (but at the same time ready a nap, because hey – why not). It’s the perfect balance of excitement to get your glad-rags on in the run-up to the party season, and the excitement for the night to end so you can roll into your cold sheets and sleep, knowing the 6 am sunrise won’t be bothering you.

Whilst I could bang on a bit more, using far-fetched metaphors to try to really sell the idea of Autumn and ambiverts being a match made in heaven – why don’t I just slide into a classy little list of reasons why the Autumn is great for people like me (and maybe people like you).

Bright days but cosy nights

Bright mornings make the start of the day perfect. It can be cold and I can be freezing, but a blue sky makes it all a little motivating and beautiful – don’t you think? However much I love the brightness of a morning blue sky, by the end of the day I want to relax and feel like I can do nothing – without the looming feeling of summer FOMO. In the Winter, cosiness from dawn until dusk is nice in theory, but my days quickly get unproductive and I become a duvet-human hybrid. The balance of Autumn – yes, please.

The perfect excuse

In the summer, it feels so much harder to say no to an event or outing. I always found myself saying that I should want to go, even when I was in dire need of some quiet time. This cooler air brings with it the perfect excuse – wanting to be cosy. Cosy doesn’t exist in the summer and in the winter it’s overdone, no, in Autumn you can excuse yourself early, or turn down the invite when you want to, in favour of “going home and getting cosy”.

The online world gets back online

It’s a known fact that blog readers and levels of social media interaction drop off the face of the earth during the height of summer. Unless someone’s posting their Grecian holiday snaps, it’s unlikely they’ll be on Twitter to read your new blog post about being sad. In the Autumn, however, the world is back to work. Everyone dives into blogging about their summer, their new adventure to university or (and this is the sorry few) the build-up to Christmas. The online world is an ambivert’s best friend when they need a little, not a lot – and I’m glad to have it back.

Comfort by design

Admittedly, this may just be me, but I really hate being too hot. If you wear fluffy dressing gowns and slippers in the summer – you’re too hot. In Winter, the central heating means it’s basically summer inside. The Autumn brings a chill that means comfy clothes are practical and necessary. I’ve always felt more myself when in some comfy kicks, compared to the awkwardness that envelops me when I’m a sweaty mess – making Autumn style and fashions the perfect balance, much like Autumn’s social gatherings.

People: Optional

Unlike the social activities of the summer and winter, Autumn brings with it activities that are for the most part, people: optional. Baking a cake? Perfect for a tea and cake party OR curl up with a cuppa, a slice and dig into a book (or, more realistically, your Instagram feed). Going for a walk amongst the crunchy leaves? Go alone OR meet someone along the way. Lighting some candles and getting basic af? Go it alone OR get together with your basic pals and throw a pumpkin-spice party! People, in Autumn, are nearly always optional.

Do you consider yourself an ambivert? Do you love the transitional, changing seasons? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, here’s an Autumn haiku,

Should I go outside?
Maybe curl up by the fire
Don’t know; Ambivert



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