My Winter Beauty Favourites

Following my Winter Fashion Favourites round-up, (which you can check out, here) I decided to take an inwards glance at the beauty side of things. This season I have been uncharacteristically restrained with my beauty buys (should I really complain?), several favourites being repeats from the deep, dark archives, with a couple of new(ish) things that I snuck past my self-imposed restraint (whoops!).

winter-beauty-favourties My Winter Beauty Favourites

Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01

It’s back! Santa (also known as my Mother) must have heard my complaining about running out of my one true love (in perfume form) and decided to absolutely spoil me with a whopping great 100ml bottle of heaven’s nectar (is it clear that I am loopy over this stuff?). I’ve talked about it before (surprise, surprise) here and here, and despite the amount of web space I’ve already dedicated to praising it, I’ll give you a quick rundown of why it’s #1!

Made of essentially one molecule – hence Molecule 01 – the magic is that it adapts slightly differently on each individual. Yes, I can so tell when someone is wearing it, but its strength does vary, suiting some people a heck of a lot more than others! I’d describe it as a deep, sensual and woody scent that my friends and family would define as ‘the way I smell’. It suits me down to a tee, possibly being the one beauty product I can’t see myself falling out of love with – when I wear Molecule 01, I feel truly myself… and that’s something.

MAC Mehr

This pink-brown nude took the beauty world by storm in the latter part of last year and ever since Mehr has been doing the blogging and YouTube rounds it had caught my eye as possibly the nude lip that could suit me.

Finding a nude lip to work for me is a big thing (I was starting to think it was just not going to happen) and when I picked this up a part of me, deep down, knew that my search was over. Looking at swatches online is difficult, since quality and lifelikeness (that can’t be a word) vary so much making it hard to match someone’s skin tone to mine, but I took a gamble… hoping if anything it wasn’t lighter than I expected (because no-one wants to look like a washed-out corpse). In reality it was pinker than expected and after the anticipated first application I was very happy that I could wear this day-to-day. It’s neither a dressed-up colour, nor part of the honestly-I’m-not-wearing-anything club, just somewhere perfectly in the middle.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil

I talk about this enough, too much if anything – it’s heaven in a bottle! I don’t think I can live without it. I’ve talked about it hereherehere, and here. You can also skip the reviews and just buy one, here.


Herbalism is a fresh facial cleanser from Lush – recommended to me by a Lush employee who had also struggled with aggressive breakouts, which Herbalism had helped calm down. Last week I did an in-depth review of Herbalism (and another popular Lush cleanser) which you can catch up on right here: Two Reviews – Lush Ultrabland & Herbalism – although the fact that it’s in my favourites probably gives you an idea of how much I loved it! You should still read the full review though…

winter-beauty-favourties-02 My Winter Beauty Favourites

Shea Shower Cream

I received this creamy and nutty shower cream in a Shea gift set for Christmas. The Shea body butter is already one of my favourites – being super hydrating and not overbearing in scent (unlike some of TBD scents).  I was excited to try the complimentary shower cream out; it’s very thick and creamy (well, it is a cream) with a gentle nutty scent to it – lovely for days where you want something soothing and gentle on the skin. Using a shower puff it lathers up really well and doesn’t dry my skin out at all – which is a big plus since my legs are struggling to stay smooth and flake-free in this colder weather!

If you’ve used the Shea body butter or like less offensive shower scents, I would try this out next time you’re in need.  Simple and beautiful (and from The Body Shop, which means it’s pretty affordable and there’s usually a good deal to be had!).

The Icing on the Cake Roulade

This is something that, when I worked at Lush over Christmas, I could not stop walking by and having a cheeky sniff of (along with many other products…). The roulades were the replacement for the discontinued shower smoothies and are softish, play-dough-like rolled up soap (there probably is a better description out there). They were completely new to me, and yes, they baffled me a little bit. However, when I realised that The Icing on the Cake was a Christmas exclusive (sorry if you’re desperate for one after this), I picked up a chunk and indulged my curiosity.

It smells sweet and very pink (I know pink isn’t a smell, but you know what I mean), somewhat like Snow Fairy but a little warmer. I first tried to use it in slices, but found that it didn’t hold together brilliantly under water, ending up crumbling in my hands… so, now I use it in smaller chunks (not so much by choice). In a warm bath or shower the roulade creates a nice lather that feels effortless, whilst it’s creamy, hydrating nature doesn’t leave skin feeling tight or dry. Currently, I’m keeping this in a little square tin by the sink and using it as hand soap (only because I have so many shower gels to get through), and yes, that means I am constantly sniffing my hands…

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

After a heavy sigh whilst looking at my base collection, (a sigh of disappointment, as it seems I’ve fallen out with every single one of them), I resorted to checking my overflow make-up for anything that would do the job. To my delight, I found my previously well-loved Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream.

This is a lightweight base with a surprisingly good amount of coverage, applying very nicely with a Beauty Blender sponge or standard buffing brush (note to self: I need a new one of those – recommendations welcome). I have written about this before, where I basically bang on about it being a pretty awesome drugstore pick and if you want to see that it’s right here.

As someone who hasn’t had much drugstore-foundation luck, Bourjois are a very safe brand for me to go to – and this does not disappoint, I would even consider replacing it when it reaches its end. Yeah, I like it that much.

That’s a wrap! A few favourites from the last few months – some of which were very predictable (I’m looking at you Molecule…). If you’ve recently written about your winter favourites link me up! Opinions on and experiences of my picks are also welcome…