My Winter Fashion Favourites

winter-fashion-favourties My Winter Fashion FavouritesWith some seriously cold Winter weather only kicking in within the last fortnight, there hasn’t been much call for traditional wrap-up-warm Winter fashion pieces. Now it’s here, and it’s only getting colder! I for one am happy I started preparing early (in like October…) because that means I’ve already found the perfect components for my chilly weather wardrobe.

The Wool Coat

I never realised how much I was into coats and outerwear (considering how little I go outside). I’m no fashion expert, but I know if a coat is making or breaking your entire outfit (or just blending background with could be just as bad). For months I was wearing (or settling with) a slightly too oversized grey cocoon coat, which in the weeks over christmas started to look more and more grey-blob like – not really what I was going for.

On Boxing Day I spied a shorter and fluffier (but still very much grey) number in the Warehouse sale, for only £45 (now £35! right here) I grabbed it and confirmed to myself that I did have two whole weeks to decide if it’s the one for me. Hands down it was better than the blob, I loved the front and the shorter cut, the softer and fluffier mohair wool and the great quality (typical of Warehouse, they’re the best)… but this one wasn’t true love. The back had a strange cut that sat weird on me, and I couldn’t get over the fact that in a few months it might turn into another grey blob…

I launched into full sale-scavenger mode. Trawling all my favourite sites – ASOS, Topshop, Warehouse, Oasis, John Lewis I nearly gave up, then I thought I’d give Zara a cheeky browse. I very soon saw this navy cocoon wool coat, with a statement fleece black collar. It was love at first sight. A reasonable £50 later in what I hoped was the right size (Zara sizing is hell on earth) I was fairly confident that this would be it, and I was right! This coat is warm, beautifully lined, fits me very well and is different enough to anything I’ve had before.

If you’re in search of a cosy cocoon style coat with some edge (in the form of a fleece collar and beautiful navy blue shade), it’s still for sale on Zara right now! (I’m tempted to buy a back-up…) Navy Coat with Fleece Lapel

winter-fashion-favourties-03 My Winter Fashion Favourites

The Bag

Remember me telling you how much I loved Warehouse? You should it was only a few paragraphs ago… Well the bag I have not been putting down is another piece I have to thank Warehouse for. I’m aware faux animal skin of any kind won’t be up everyone’s street, and honestly I would never list it as a desirable property of a bag – but I fell head over heels for this little fella. The problem with highstreet little black bags (not that I’ve ever had anything else) is that they can get so boring. The faux croc finish on this handy little shoulder bag makes it interesting! It was also in the sale (and still is, right here), which only adds to its appeal.

If you ask me it’s a medium sized handbag – perfect for the everyday. I can fit my in purse, keys, phone – plus maybe a lipstick and some tissues (#essentials) – which is all I need for a trip to the shops or a relaxed Sunday walk. I’m beyond fed up with lugging around a massive bag that ends up hurting your shoulder after a few hours, leaving you permenantly leaning to the right! This cute bag has cured me of the disease of thinking we need to take the kitchen sink with us everywhere. I will be forever grateful.

winter-fashion-favourties-05 My Winter Fashion Favourites

The Jumper

Sooooo jumpers are kind of my thing – maybe almost to a fault, since I do have a grey maxi jumper in a drawer somewhere that has been dubbed an ‘ugly dressing gown’ by most… Anyway, there isn’t a Winter’s day that could not be improved by a cosy jumper. This one is deep blue with light and evenly scattered red flecks when you’re close-up to the material (that’s the best way I can think to describe it!). It’s funnel necked and slightly curved hem mean that it has a flattering, interesting shape and hangs slightly oversized without being blob-like (at least no-one’s mentioned me looking blob-like…). One of my more contented Topshop purchases, I just wish it came in more colours (like black, or grey – you know, the exciting ones).

I can’t find it anywhere online, but if you find one in store I’d highly recommend you take it too the fitting rooms with you and start your jumper journey right!

winter-fashion-favourties-01 My Winter Fashion Favourites

The Boots

I don’t wear heels. Well… not really. On a handful of occasions have I made the mistake of walking to town in heels, proceeding to stand in them for hours before it’s time to dance for hooourrrrrsssss. My feet can’t do it. They swell up and blister ridiculously quickly, and after an unfortunate day of being hungover and unable to walk due to swollen pins n’ needles ridden footsies (sad face), I have a genuine fear of being stuck on a dancefloor in heels. BUT these boots (that I got way back in October) are reasonably comfortable for walking in – and sitting on a nice chair in. I know! What have I just said? Could it really be true!?

Yes! These pretty simple and stylish babies are from ASOS and are part of their wide fit shoe range (wide, or in my case slightly pudgy, feet are nothing to be ashamed of!). They have a chunky, medium height heels (around 3 inches) which helps with balance and the whole comfort factor. Personally I think they’re very adaptable for casual wear and smarter occasions, and I’ve enjoyed wearing them – if only a handful of times so far.

If you’ve struggled with the perils of high heels, or are on the lookout for a pair of comfy boots to see you through until spring, check these out! (AND they’re on sale right now! ASOS)

winter-fashion-favourties-02 My Winter Fashion Favourites

There we have it (bit of a long one wasn’t it…) my Winter fashion favourites. What are your favourites of the season? If you were prepared like me, perhaps hit me up with some tasty links to things that are now in the sale (all of my favourites seem to be!).